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Traveling with your pets

Keep dog or cat close to you. During the flight, your pet will be comfortable in the carrier at your feet, in front of your seat.

Dogs and cats older than 12 weeks are welcome on our flights.

Your pet will not need a plane ticket like you, but you must give us notice if you plan to travel with them. If you book your ticket online, you can announce your pet and submit a request by calling the Contact Centre or in one of our branches or authorized travel agencies. If you buy a ticket through the Contact Centre or at a branch office, you can submit a request for pet transport while you are buying the ticket.

When booking the service, you will inform us about the type of animal (dog or cat), the weight of the pet together with the carrier (maximum 8 kg), and the dimensions of the carrier (maximum sum of dimensions 94 cm).

The number of pets is limited on our flights and their transport must therefore be confirmed before the start of the trip by Air Serbia, and by other airlines if they are indicated on your ticket.

When traveling with a pet, your seat on the flight must be confirmed. Unaccompanied children may not travel with a pet.

Conditions for the travel with pets

If you are traveling to Serbia, please consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia before your trip about the current regulations on bringing pets into Serbia

If you are traveling abroad from Serbia, please check the rules for bringing pets into your destination country with the consular representation of that country.

Rules for entering EU countries with pets

If you are traveling to China, pets will undergo regular document checks and visual health assessments upon disembarkation. If the documentation is not complete or does not meet the defined requirements, and you disembark at Beijing/Shanghai/Urumqi – customs will take charge of your pet and keep it in isolation for 30 days. At any other disembarkation point, including Tianjin, if the documentation is incomplete or does not meet the defined requirements, pets will be returned or put down within the time limit.

Customs quarantine certificate requirement for pets on sector BEG-TSN

If you are traveling from China, in addition to the other obligatory documentation, you must also have a health certificate for your pet (Animal health certificate (动物卫生证书)), issued by Tianjin Hexi Customs(天津河西海关), address: No.6 of Pudaokou, Hexi District, Tianjin City (天津市河西区浦口道6号), contact phone for calls from China: 022-84203627 or 12360, working hours Monday-Friday 08:30-12:00 and 14:00-17:00.

Rules for pets

Carrier rules


The service 2 is charged per flight. If your travel includes several flights, service will be charged per each flight individually.

Your flight Only for Air Serbia flights
Within Serbia and between Serbia and Montenegro/ Bosnia and Herzegovina/ Republic of North Macedonia/ Croatia/ Slovenia 25 EUR
Between Serbia and Russia 70 EUR
Between Serbia and Europe (except the previously mentioned countries) 45 EUR
Between Serbia and the Middle East/Africa 65 EUR
Between Serbia and the USA 85 EUR
Between Serbia and China1 100 EUR

1On flights to/from China, one carrier with one pet per adult passenger is allowed.

2The service is not refundable, nor transferable to another person. The service will be refunded only in the event that Air Serbia has canceled the flight and/or is unable to provide the service. Refunds are made in accordance with the original method of payment.

When travelling

Passengers with pets may only check in at the airport. Please be at the airport at least two hours before departure so that we can complete all the formalities in time.

Tips for carefree travel with a pet


We will not be held responsible for denied entry or transit to animals to/through any country that are not accompanied by the above required documents and health certificates. You are fully responsible for injury, illness, or death of your pet, unless due to negligence or error on the part of us.

If your journey involves combined transport on Air Serbia flights and the flights of one or more other airlines or if you are traveling on a code share Air Serbia flight operated by another airline, the pet transport rules of such other airline may apply.
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