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Disability assistance

It will be our pleasure to welcome you on Air Serbia flights. We will ensure your journey by air is safe and comfortable.

To enable us to confirm your reservation, we have to know to which category of passenger you belong. Whether the reduced mobility is congenital, the result of physical inability (chronic or temporary, sensory or locomotive), intellectual disability, old age, illness, or an accident, we will provide the assistance you need.

Please give us advance notice at least 48 hours before flight departure of the kind of assistance you require to enable us to engage the competent airport departments in due time. They will provide you with a wheelchair or other mobility device free of charge, and ensure your easy and comfortable boarding and disembarkation.

In order for Air Serbia to ensure that your inquiry is processed in a timely manner, please contact our Contact Centre

Categories of passengers using wheelchairs

According to the level of disability and the assistance needed at the airport, passengers are classified in the following categories:

If you are continuing your trip with another airline, we will not be able to confirm your booking until we have received approval for your transport from the other airline.

If you wish to bring your own wheelchair or other mobility device with you please notify us at least 48 hours before the flight, because their transport requires Air Serbia's prior approval. You will need to provide us with details regarding the weight, dimensions, and type of mobility device. Also, we kindly invite you to complete the Wheelchair Description Form, print a copy and present it to our check-in staff before your flight. We will transport your wheelchair free of charge.

If you are using crutches

You can take crutches and other mobility aids into the passenger cabin free of charge.


For WCHC passengers, as for visually impaired and blind passengers, an escort is required.

Exception: WCHC who suffer from chronic disability (congenital or as a result of a past accident or operation) may travel without an escort.

Please keep in mind that cabin crew will not be able to provide you with greater physical assistance during the flight than that provided to other passengers (e.g. help with administering food or medication, use of toilet). If you need this type of assistance onboard, you should travel with an escort.

Wheelchair Description Form

MEDIF form and FREMEC card

WCHC passengers are required to have a MEDIF form (medical information form), completed and signed by their doctor. This form is available in our ticketing offices and downloadable from our website.

Exception: WCHC who suffer from chronic disability (congenital or as a result of a past accident) do not require a MEDIF form.

Based on the information provided in the medical information form the company doctor will decide whether the passenger can be accepted for travel.

The information in the MEDIF form is strictly confidential and its secrecy is guaranteed.

We accept the FREMEC cards which some airlines issue to frequent passengers.

Air Serbia does not issue FREMEC cards.

MEDIF form

Visually/ hearing impaired passengers

Please notify us at booking, and certainly at least 48 hours before the flight, of any special needs you may have to enable us to provide you with the assistance you require. Air Serbia will not request a MEDIF form from you.

If you wish to travel with a trained guide dog, please notify us at booking or at least 48 hours before the flight. We will need information about the dog's breed and weight. The transport of guide dogs is subject to Air Serbia approval.

Traveling with partner airlines

If you are traveling on Air Serbia's code share flight operated by one of our partner airlines, the conditions of carriage for passengers with reduced mobility of the partner airline will apply.
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