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Escape the busy terminal and unwind in comfort while you wait for your flight.

Air Serbia Premium Lounge

Location: Transit zone between gates A4 and A5 - show on map

Working hours: Every day from 05:00 to 20:00

To make your stay in the Air Serbia Premium lounge as pleasant as possible despite the present situation, we have introduced health and safety measures and adjusted our service to the hygienic and safety requirements of the authorities.

Air Serbia Premium Lounge

Premium experience

The Air Serbia Premium lounge is divided into several different areas, each equipped with a range of benefits to provide maximum comfort and a pleasant time to every guest.

If you are not eligible for a free entry to the Premium lounge, you can purchase an entry pass at a favourable rate. House rules, conditions and prices are as follows.

Air Serbia Premium Lounge

Air Serbia Premium Lounge

For all your senses

Apart from its good atmosphere, the centrally located bar offers an exceptional selection of food and drinks. Whether you want to enjoy delicious pastries and cakes with coffee or wish to try a specialty of international or Serbian cuisine, our friendly staff will provide you with a culinary pleasure to remember.

You can use the remaining time to browse the wide selection of magazines, catch-up on work or simply relax before the next flight.

Explore Air Serbia Lounge:

Air Serbia Premium Lounge
Air Serbia Premium Lounge
Air Serbia Premium Lounge
Air Serbia Premium Lounge
Air Serbia Premium Lounge
Air Serbia Premium Lounge
Air Serbia Premium Lounge
Air Serbia Premium Lounge
Air Serbia Premium Lounge

Special offers

Promotional offer for Economy Comfort fare - details and conditions can be seen in the Special Offers section.

Air Serbia Premium Lounge

  • Access to the Premium Lounge
    • Free access to the Air Serbia Premium Lounge is available to:
      • Business class passengers on flights operated by Air Serbia
      • Selected membership levels of the Air Serbia Etihad Guest programme. Click here for additional info.
      • PROMO: Economy Comfort tariff passengers. Read more in the Special Offers section.
    • At the Premium Lounge entrance, you are required to present a valid boarding pass.
    • Passengers without free entry to the Premium Lounge can buy an entry pass. Details of conditions and prices can be found below in the Passes section.
    • Passengers entering the Lounge alone must be at least 18 years old. Passengers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is over 18.
    • The Lounge dress code is business casual. Air Serbia will deny entry to individuals who are not adequately clad (e.g. people in beachwear, sports clothes, flip-flops, sleepwear, etc.)
    • Notifications regarding boarding times are not allowed in the Lounge and they will be published exclusively on the monitors used for this purpose. Air Serbia does not have any responsibility in respect of passengers’ flight departure times.
    • Passengers shall be required to pay for any damage their actions or lack of actions cause on Lounge installations, furniture and equipment.
    • Air Serbia shall not be responsible for items lost or stolen in the Lounge.
    • Air Serbia reserves the right to deny entry to any individual, or ask them to leave the Lounge immediately due to inappropriate behaviour, including but not limited to disturbing, offensive or violent behaviour (which also applies to passengers under the influence of alcohol or narcotics), wearing inappropriate clothes or disturbing other passengers.
    • The Air Serbia Premium Lounge working hours can be changed without previous notification.
    • Requests/complaints cannot be dealt with at the Lounge check-in counter, the airport or the plane.
    • The requests/complaints can only be submitted to the Passenger Relations Service here. Please keep the original payment confirmation (EMD in case of advance purchase or the receipt for purchase at the Lounge check-in counter) as proof of payment.
    • Refund requests received a month after the flight date (or later) will be declined.
  • Passes
    • Passengers who don’t qualify for free entry can choose between various types of passes.
    • The prices and payment methods depend on the place of purchase, as well as whether you are flying with Air Serbia or another airline.
    Pass Type Air Serbia Economy Class Other Airlines
    EUR Etihad Guest Miles EUR
    1 hour 25 2500 35
    3 hours 45 5000 65
    Daily Pass 99 - 99
    Yearly Pass 650 - 650
    • The passes can be purchased in advance or at the Premium Lounge check-in counter. For more information on each type of pass and payment method, please check the conditions:
    • Air Serbia reserves the right to limit and monitor the number of sold passes per day, part of the day, flight, sales channel, Lounge capacity and other criteria.
    • Air Serbia takes no reservations for this service.
    • Air Serbia Premium Lounge passes are valid only on the travel date.
    • The pass is valid only for the Air Serbia Premium Lounge, during the working hours of the Lounge and for the person it is owned by.
    • Purchasing this service does not add any Etihad Guest miles.
    • Etihad Guest miles can only be used to purchase the 1-hour and 3-hour pass at the Premium Lounge check-in counter.
    • Air Serbia reserves the right to stop the issuance of the pass at any moment and at its own discretion or to refuse to sell the pass to a passenger or refuse to grant access to a passenger who has purchased the pass for the Premium Lounge.
    • Air Serbia shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the passenger or visitor as a result of the above-mentioned refusal, cancellation or denial of access.
  • Special Offers

    Economy Comfort Passengers

    • Economy Comfort passengers can visit the Premium Lounge free of charge. The stay in the lounge for the passengers who booked the Economy Comfort fare after 1 June 2023 is limited to an hour.
    • This offer is valid only if their journey begins in Belgrade.
    • Valid only for flights marketed and operated by Air Serbia. The offer is not valid for codeshare flights.
    • This offer refers only to the Air Serbia Premium Lounge during its working hours.
    • This offer does not apply to the Economy Comfort passengers with reservations containing special requests (DEPA, DEPU, INAD, UMNR codes) or reservations issued under special conditions (such as employee tickets etc.).

    Air Serbia’s corporate clients

    • These special benefits apply to Air Serbia’s corporate clients
    • If you are not Air Serbia’s corporate client yet, find the cooperation request form and information about our company here. Our corporate client department will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Frequently asked questions
    1. Are pets allowed in the Premium Lounge?

      Yes. Your pets (cats or dogs) can accompany you into the Premium Lounge. They must remain in their bag/cage placed on the floor for the duration of your stay in the lounge. Your pet is not allowed to freely roam the Premium Lounge at any moment. The rules that apply to the admittance of pets in Air Serbia aircraft cabins are applicable here as well. For further info, click here.

    2. Is smoking allowed within the Premium Lounge?

      Smoking is not allowed within the Air Serbia Premium Lounge. At the moment, the only exception is e-cigarettes, which can be used only in certain parts of the Premium Lounge. Upon entry, please notify our staff of the intention to use e-cigarettes in order to be assigned an adequate spot.

    3. Does the Air Serbia Lounge have a VIP section?

      Yes. The Premium Lounge has a separate section which can accommodate up to 8 visitors. The access to it is subject to availability and is granted at the discretion of Air Serbia. Further information is available at the Premium Lounge check-in counter.

    4. Can I pay for an entry pass to the Premium Lounge in cash?

      No. All passes for the Air Serbia Premium Lounge can be paid for only by credit/debit card. For Air Serbia flights, Members of the Etihad Guest Programme can use Etihad Guest Miles for 1-hour and 3-hour passes. You can see the conditions for paying with Guest Miles in the Passes section.

    5. I would like to leave a compliment/complaint regarding the Premium Lounge service. Where can I do so?

      Your opinion matters to us. All compliments or complaints can be submitted to our Passenger Relations Service by clicking here.

Location of Premium Lounge

Air Serbia Premium Lounge
1st floor