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Medical conditions and pregnancy

We are committed to carrying you safely and comfortably to your destination. However, travelling by air may be challenging sometimes.

In order to avoid your travel plan disruptions and severe health consequences, you should take some precautions and assess your fitness to fly before starting your journey.

Medical Cleareance

Medical clearance is required if the passenger:

Passengers not falling into the above categories normally do not need medical clearance, however, if in doubt, medical advice should be obtained from Air Serbia Medical Center.

In order to avoid travel plan disruptions and severe health consequences, you should be very careful if you are considering flying after an operation or illness. Please speak to your doctor before making a booking to confirm that you are fit to fly.

The full Fitness to Fly Guidelines will help you to understand the minimum time you must allow before you can travel and also whether you need to tell us about your condition.

Medical certificate and MEDIF form

The MEDIF form is used by airlines to manage passenger requiring special assistance and medical clearance. It has two attachments: Attachment 1 (Information Sheet for Passengers Requiring Special Assistance) and Attachment 2 (Information Sheet for Passengers requiring medical clearance).

Medical clearance is required and will be given from the Air Serbia Medical Center (ASMC). ASMC may ask for additional information before giving a final replay to the request. It is also vital for us to know exactly what nursing care is required during a flight.

MEDIF form must be submitted to the nearest Air Serbia Sales Office or e-mailed to at least 48 hours prior to departure of the flight, along with the latest medical report from the treating physician in English. The medical report should be issued not more than 10 days prior to the date of travel.

All fields in the MEDIF must be completed, signed and dated. Incomplete forms will not be accepted for assessment.

Once the ASMC issues the approval, you will be informed and your reservation will be updated. If you have booked your ticket through a travel agency, your travel agent should contact you

Air Serbia must be notified immediately of any change in your condition prior to travel. In the event of sudden change in your condition during the journey, we shall ask you to obtain another MEDIF form in order to confirm that you are fit to continue traveling by air.

Your fitness to fly assessment is based on internationally accepted criteria by the World Health Organisation.

We will not require a medical certificate for any passenger who is otherwise a qualified individual with a disability, as a condition for being provided transportation except in the following cases:

Due to safety and security reasons having a valid medical certificate can be helpful. Therefore, we recommend bringing a medical certificate or equivalent documentation in cases:

Download MEDIF form & Guidance for doctors