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Air Serbia Flight Pass

What is Flight Pass?

  1. What does Flight Pass offer?

    Flight Pass is the package of prepaid flights to use for travel to selected destinations, at all times of the year, at fares chosen at the time of purchase, subject to availability of seats on board.

  2. Are there restrictions or limitations on its use?

    Flight Pass product in partnership with Optiontown enables you to travel on a flight as long there are spaces still available, subject to the Flight Pass terms and conditions.

  3. Are there taxes or extra costs?

    Flight Pass price includes the fare, taxes and fees, for all the tickets issued.

  4. Which services does Flight Pass include?

    The tickets issued include transport on flights operated directly by Air Serbia in the selected travel class (Economy or Business) and applicable services, including:

    • Baggage allowance:

      As per Air Serbia rules, based on the Brand you have selected within Flight Pass product. All items are subject to the Air Serbia baggage size restrictions, which can be found at link.

    • Seat selection:

      Seat selection is permitted during the check-in phase, based on the Brand selected at the time of Flight Pass purchase.

    • Ancillaries:

      Ancillaries and services applicable are dependent on the Brand selected during Flight Pass purchase.

  5. Can I use Flight Pass to book Unaccompanied Minor travel?

    No, Unaccompanied Minor procedure is not applicable to Flight booked via Flight Pass

  6. Can I earn Etihad Guest Miles for the tickets issued?

    Yes, Etihad Guest Miles will be earned as per rules for each Branded Fare Air Serbia is offering.

  7. Can I use Etihad Guest Miles earned to buy Flight Pass?

    No, Flight Pass cannot be purchased using Etihad Guest Programme miles.

Purchasing Flight Pass

  1. Where can I purchase Flight Pass?

    To purchase the Flight Pass, visit and go to the dedicated "Flight Pass" page, or visit Air Serbia dedicated page.

  2. Can I purchase a trip with Connecting Flights?

    Yes, you can use Flight Pass to purchase single flight or connecting flight tickets for flights directly operated by Air Serbia.

  3. Can I transfer my Flight Pass to another person?

    No, Flight Pass is not transferable, but you can select the number of passengers which are allowed to use your Flight Pass, and provide their names during the purchase of Flight Pass.

  4. Are code-share flights operated by airlines other than Air Serbia included in the offer?

    No, flights not operated directly by Air Serbia are not included in the offer.

  5. How can I share my Flight Pass with other people?

    It is possible to share your Flight Pass with a number of people. Limit on how many people can use your Flight Pass depends on how many flights you have selected. The fewer passengers selected when you purchase Flight Pass, the less it will cost. The name of the first passenger must be added when you purchase the Flight Pass and the other names must be entered in the system within the time frame provided for by the type of Flight Pass purchased. When a name has been added in the system, it cannot be deleted or changed for another one. Each passenger can travel alone or with one or more passengers for each flight. Passengers traveling alone must be adults. Once the Flight Pass has been purchased, the number of passengers cannot be increased. Children under 12 years old can be added as passenger to the Flight Pass, however they cannot travel alone because the "Unaccompanied Minors" procedure is not permitted for Flight Pass.

  6. How can I add passenger names into the system after the first name?

    To add passenger names to Flight Pass after the first name, log in to your account at Air Serbia dedicated page and select "Manage my Pass" section, "Add Passengers", select the Flight Pass purchased, enter the name of each passenger and confirm.

  7. Is there a minimum or a maximum of flights one passenger must use if multiple passengers are sharing one Flight Pass?

    There is no minimum number of flights that each passenger must use.

  8. Can I purchase a Flight Pass for my child under 12 years old to travel alone?

    No, Flight Pass may not be used by children under 12 years old traveling unaccompanied, without an adult. The "Unaccompanied Minors" procedure is not permitted for Flight Pass.

  9. Can I ask for an invoice for the purchase of Flight Pass?

    Yes, an invoice can be requested within 7 days of the date of Flight Pass purchase by contacting Optiontown via

Using Flight Pass: Issuing Tickets

  1. How can I redeem my Flight Pass?

    To redeem your Flight Pass and issue a ticket, visit go to the dedicated "Flight Pass" page and select "Redeem Your Flight Pass". When redirected to the platform, log into the platform with your "Username" and "Password", select "Book Flight", select the Flight Pass purchased, select the flight, date and departure time, select the passenger to receive the ticket, confirm and then issue the ticket. You can search for and book Air Serbia flights based on parameters selected in the Flight Pass.

  2. Can I change or cancel the ticket?

    Once the ticket is issued, the flight date and time can be changed before departure of the flight, subject to exchange rules of purchased Flight Pass. Change of ticket must be done via platform, by logging on to your account. For refund, subject to refund rules of purchased Flight Pass, you must contact Optiontown personnel directly via email

  3. Can I issue a ticket for a flight departing after the expiration date of the "Travel period"?

    No, tickets cannot be issued after the expiration of the "Travel period".

  4. What happens if I do not use all the Flight Pass credits by the "Validity" expiration date?

    Unused Flight Pass credits will not be refunded.

  5. If I buy a Flight Pass on January 1 with a 6-month "Travel period" and a "Booking period" of 30 days, until when can I issue the tickets?

    With these parameters, you can issue tickets until May 31. Beyond this date, you can no longer use the tickets. The tickets issued must be used by no later than June 30.

Using Flight Pass: Changing Tickets

  1. How can I change the date and time of the ticket?

    To change the ticket date or time, visit, go to the dedicated "Flight Pass" section and select "Redeem Your Flight Pass". When redirected to the platform, log into the platform with your "Username" and "Password", go to the "Manage My Booking" section, "Change Flight", select the Flight Pass purchased, the booking you want to change and then select the new flight date and time. Issue the ticket, with payment of appropriate fees and/or taxes.


  1. How can I pay for Flight Pass?

    You can pay for the Flight Pass with different forms of payment our partner Optiontown offers via their platform. These form of payments include debit/credit cards, as well.

    NOTE: Optiontown is the merchant processing your payments, Air Serbia does not participate in that process in any way.

  2. Can I pay for the Flight Pass in installments?

    Yes, all forms of payment our partner Optiontown offers will be acceptable, subject to their Terms of Use.

Contact details

  1. Who can I contact for more information?

    For more information on Flight Pass you can contact Optiontown via dedicated page at their web site Optiontown Contact Center is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Telephone:
    *UK: +44 (0) 20 3318 3548
    Only in English.
    *costs may vary depending on the country you are calling from and using a landside or a mobile phone line.

For more detailed information on FAQ about the Flight Pass product, Optiontown Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, visit

For travel on Air Serbia flights, General Conditions of Carriage apply.