Air Serbia

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Irregularities with baggage

We transport thousands of suitcases to their destination every day.

To avoid any potential inconvenience or loss due to baggage irregularities, we recommend you to take out travel insurance before your journey.

In case of any irregularity with your baggage, please report it immediately upon landing to the local Baggage Delivery/Lost and Found Service before leaving the airport.

The following items should not be carried in checked-in baggage:

These items should be carried in hand baggage under your care.
However, if you decide to carry any of these items in your checked-in baggage, it will be at your own responsibility and risk. In that case, we strongly recommend you to take travel insurance before your journey.

Limited Release Bag Tag

Air Serbia shall issue Limited Release Baggage Tag for fragile, other inadequately-packed items and perishable items. Baggage with pre-existing damage shall also be accepted as a Limited Release Baggage. The Limited Release Baggage Tag releases the airline from liabilities resulting from any pre-existing damage or unsuitability for transport.

Lost Hand Baggage

Air Serbia shall not be held liable for the loss of hand baggage. If you lose your hand luggage, please report it while you are still at the airport so that we can support you in tracing the lost baggage.

Notes on Limited Liability

Air Serbia adheres to the Montreal Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air which defines the limited material liability of the carrier for the delayed, damaged, destroyed and lost checked baggage as stated in General conditions of carriage and Terms and Conditions of Carriage US/CA.