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Irregularities with baggage

We transport thousands of suitcases to their destination every day.

We are very sorry that your baggage has not arrived and assure you that we will do our best to return it to you as soon as possible. Please report that your baggage has been delayed immediately upon arrival, before leaving the arrivals area at the airport.

In case you notice an irregularity with your baggage you will need the following documents to file a report:

Once received please be sure to include your Passenger Irregularity Report (PIR) in case of delay of baggage or Damaged Pilferage Report (DPR) in case of damage to baggage, to support any future claim or correspondence.

Report a baggage delay

If you discover upon arrival that your baggage is missing, please go immediately to the Baggage Claim/Lost and Found Office at the airport and complete a Passenger Irregularity Report (PIR). You will be given a copy of the report, which you need to retain until the baggage has been returned and all possible claims settled.

The airport where you filed the report is responsible for locating your baggage and will have the latest updates on their search.

You can download Contacts of Lost and Found Offices on the following link:
Contacts of Lost and Found Offices

If you would like to see the real time location of your delayed baggage, check its status and location on the following link:
To the baggage tracer

Essentials in case of delayed baggage

We understand that during the time you baggage is delayed you are away from home and may require some essentials (e.g. toothpaste and shampoo). Please keep all your receipts and submit them online.

Delays Beyond 5 Days

In cases where your baggage has not been located within 5 days, please complete this PDF form for each piece of baggage and send it to or

Report lost baggage

If your baggage has still not been located within 21 days, you can submit a compensation claim.

In order to for us to process this claim, please submit all the requested documentation including your Passenger Irregularity Report (PIR) issued by the Baggage Claim/Lost and Found Office at the airport.
Fill in the compensation claim

In case of delayed baggage, the deadline for submitting claims is 21st day from the date when the baggage should have been delivered to you

In case of lost baggage, the deadline for submitting claims is 21st day from the date when the baggage should have been arrived

Notes on limited liability

Air Serbia has limited liability for checked baggage which arrives late or is lost. In the aviation industry, compensation is limited in accordance with the Montreal Convention, as stated in our Conditions of Carriage and Terms and Conditions of Carriage US/CA.

Air Serbia assumes no liability for delayed baggage that is reported after you have left the arrivals hall at the airport.

In many cases, your personal travel insurance company can assist you with further support in the case of lost or delayed baggage. Most insurance policies cover loss on the basis of the value of the property while, in the aviation industry, only a limited compensation per person is customary. If you have purchased travel insurance, please contact your insurer directly to learn more.