Air Serbia

Hand luggage

Pack everything you need for a short trip in your hand luggage or pack all the things for which there was no room in the suitcase and bring them along into the passenger cabin.

Due to the special security measures which apply to the flights to New York you may not bring onboard any liquid, spray or gel you bought at the airport with the quantity larger than 350 ml, even though you may have packed them in zip-lock bags. This applies to any other items you purchased in duty free shops. Exception to this rule are the items you purchased in the duty free shops at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Duty free shopping at the airport is allowed 60 minutes before the flight. You must leave the purchased items in the shop and they will be returned to you at the boarding gate. The zip-lock bags with your duty free products may not be opened before the arrival to the final destination. During the flight you are also allowed to buy the duty free items from our catalogue.

In case you continue your travel with another airline from New York, you will not be allowed to bring the liquid, spray or gel you purchased at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport or during the Air Serbia flight onboard as a part of hand luggage. For this reason we advise you to move them to the checked baggage before you check in to continue your travel.