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Priority Services

Ease your way through the entire airport processes. Thanks to our priority services, you wll have more time to focus on the essentials.

Air Serbia offers passengers the opportunity to use a dedicated counter to go through departure passport and immigration control at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. You will find the conditions of purchase of the Fast Track service below.

Any customer purchasing Air Serbia Fast Track service is considered to have read, understood and accepted the Conditions.


Air Serbia would be able to sell Fast Track to all Air Serbia passengers (passengers flying on any Air Serbia operated flights originating from Belgrade and holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock (tickets beginning with 115)), as long as passenger's itinerary starts with a flight operated by Air Serbia.

Air Serbia would not be able to sell the service to passengers flying on Air Serbia operated flights, but holding tickets issued on other airlines’ ticket stocks (tickets starting with any number other than 115) and to passengers flying on Air Serbia flights operated by other airlines and holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock (tickets beginning with 115).

Purchasing the service

Air Serbia does not allow service reservation. Service is to be booked and paid at the moment of making the reservation for it, otherwise Air Serbia would not be able to guarantee service fulfilment.

Air Serbia Fast Track service can be purchased through, Contact Center, any of Air Serbia offices, through designated travel agents, Air Serbia Web Check-In platform as well as at the check-in counter at Belgrade, and at the dedicated service desk at Belgrade. Service can be purchased 60min prior to flight departure the latest.

Air Serbia Fast Track is charged per passenger.

In the event of a family or group travel, companion travelers do not get the services free of charge if one of the passengers on the reservation purchased the service (every passenger would have to pay for it separately).

Children (2-12 years old) are charged the same fee as adult passengers. Infants (babies of up to 2 years of age) travelling with adults are exempted from paying the fee when travelling with adults, as long as all accompanying adults on the same reservation purchased the service.

Using the service

Passengers do not earn additional Etihad Guest points by purchasing and/or using the service.

Purchase of Air Serbia Fast Track gives passengers the right to choose which passport control line they would prefer, but not the right to precede the people who are already in the queue ahead of them.

Air Serbia does not guarantee that the waiting time in the Fast Track line will be shorter than at the regular queue.

All passengers who purchased the service must bring along the proof of purchase (in any form - electronic or paper) to fulfil the service. Valid proof of purchase is an EMD. Payment slip transaction is not a valid proof of purchase.

Passport control officers would refuse fast tracking if no proof of purchase is presented. In the event when passengers have not brought along valid proof of purchase in any of the afore mentioned forms, they could get a printout of the EMD at the check-in counter or at the service desk for a fee of EUR 1 per passenger.

Refunds & complaints

Air Serbia Fast Track refund terms & conditions are independent from ticket refund conditions.

Once purchased, the service is non-refundable (even In the event of a voluntary air ticket cancellation).

In the event of Air Serbia rebooking you to a flight not operated by Air Serbia, previously paid Fast Track fee would be cancelled and refunded.

In the event of a ticket upgrade to higher class of travel, fee paid for purchase of Air Serbia Fast Track could be used to pay for upgrade (applies to any kind of ticket upgrade) or it could be refunded (for any type of ticket upgrade except involuntary upgrade).

In the event of a ticket exchange (for reason such as upsell or voluntary travel date change), Fast Track gets transferred to the new flight (if available).

The passenger could decide to cancel the service at that time and use it to pay for the ticket reissue.

Any complaints and/or compensation requests driven from using Fast Track service cannot be processed at the airport or onboard our flight. You would need to contact Air Serbia passenger response representatives. Please keep the original EMD as a valid proof of purchase to be able to refer to in such cases.

Any requests for compensations would be rejected by Air Serbia if submitted later than one month after the date of the flight.

Air Serbia reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions of Fast track at any time without giving any prior notice and/ or assigning any reason. The passengers that at the time of the amendment already have bought the service, will be subjected to the Terms & Conditions they accepted when buying the service initially, unless they were informed and accepted amendments to Terms & Conditions.

Air Serbia commits to post any changes to the Terms & Conditions in a written form through