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With Air Serbia Cargo services you can be sure that your shipments will be handled with great care and in good time, because we appreciate, understand and care about your business.


Air Serbia carries large quantities of cargo and mail on its scheduled flights as an integral part of our business. Air Serbia currently operates directly between Belgrade and more than 60 destinations worldwide.


With Road Feeder Services in the USA, China and the Balkans, we can deliver your cargo directly and swiftly to over 140 destinations, and that number is growing by the day.


Together with our airline partners we offer a world-wide network of destinations, from Rio to Tokyo, from Alaska to Australia. Our expanding scope now exceeds 230 destinations.


You can easily check all our available destinations and our sales network. Contact us for more information and you will not be disappointed.


We will gladly respond to all your requests, whether for general cargo or special cargo products such as live animals, fresh fruit and vegetables, pharmaceuticals etc.


Air Serbia Cargo also deals with mail transport and cooperates with postal operators worldwide.


The quality of our service is supported by our state-of-the-art mail handling and scanning system that allows real-time tracing of postal shipments.


Our fleet

Airbus A319

Number in the fleet: 10
Cargo capacity: 2,000kg (5 cbm)
Max dims for HEA pieces: 220x140x110cm

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Airbus A320

Number in the fleet: 3
Cargo capacity: 3,000kg (8 cbm)
Max dims for HEA pieces: 220x140x110cm

View aircraft details  >
Airbus A330

Number in the fleet: 2
Cargo capacity: 20,000kg (60 cbm)
Max dims for HEA pieces: 304x230x160cm

View aircraft details  >

Number in the fleet: 8
Cargo capacity: 300kg (3 cbm)
Max dims for HEA pieces: 80x60x100cm

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