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Nomad Bistro&Bar

We are a modern European bistro inspired by the Mediterranean and its rich colours, cultures and flavours.

Contacts for information and reservations

Svetog Save 20, Belgrade
Phone: +381 65 559 83 69

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Our concept is based on the belief that every dish and every cocktail we make should be original, home-made and with the freshest ingredients. Nomad boasts a farm-to-table concept with authentic food, unforgettable cocktails, cosy atmosphere and a great setting!

The desire to open a restaurant just like this came from a passion for hospitality that our small family acquired after more than a decade of working in some of the most prestigious restaurants in New York. We hope we will be able to convey to our guests the energy and spirit of New York, the way of life, the craft cocktails and the cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean. We want you to feel as if you are dining in one of the best bistros in Manhattan, at least for a few hours.

Besides all the other delicious and original recipes, we recommend you to try the trademark and favourite attraction on the menu - the Nomad smoke burger and the NY-style cheesecake.

As an Air Serbia partner we offer the following benefits:

  • 25% discount on the entire bill