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Museum of Illusions

You won’t believe your eyes! The place where the world of illusion will make you question your senses.

Contacts for information and reservations

Nušićeva 11, 11000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 63 611 911

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Within just a few years, Belgrade’s Museum of Illusions has become an important cultural landmark and a must-see tourist attraction. It is part of the franchise of one of the fastest growing museum chains, opened in more than 20 European cities by 2020.

With a rich array of exhibits and fun and attractive illusions displayed in a show area of nearly 400 sqm in the city centre, visitors can learn a lot about vision, perception, the human brain, and the scientific explanations behind the illusions, and realize why the eyes see things the brain cannot understand.

Browse the world of illusions, experience the impossible, and don’t forget to take your camera! Come for a sensory and educational experience with many interesting illusions!

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  • 21% dicount on all ticket types