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Optiontown Flight Pass

Flight Pass

Travel more and save up to 50% for every flight!

In cooperation with our partner Optiontown, Air Serbia is pleased to introduce Flight Pass product.

With Flight Pass you have the possibility of creating your own bundle of prepaid flights.

Buy the Flight Pass and save up to 50% on flight prices
Use the Flight Pass to book the flights
according to predefined conditions
Enjoy your trips!

Flight pass benefits:

  • Travel more and save up to 50% for every flight
  • The fare you select is fixed, unaffected by possible future price changes
  • Your seat is guaranteed until the last available seat
  • Save time and effort it takes to reserve flights and plan trips
  • Share your Flight Pass with your family & friends
  • You can choose to pay in installments
  • Personalized for you - You can customize your Flight Pass, based on the following parameters:
    1. 1. Destination

      Single or multiple destinations grouped in a "Travel Zone"

    2. 2. Travel cabin

      Economy or Business

    3. 3. Passengers

      Up to a maximum of 30

    4. 4. Number of journeys

      From a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 100

    5. 5. Travel period

      Up to a maximum of 12 months

    6. 6. Advance booking

      From 180 days up until 4 hours before flight departure

    7. 7. Fare type

      choose between Light, Standard or Comfort Brands

    8. 8. Travel Date Restrictions

      choose between a Flight Pass without flight date restrictions, or a Flight Pass with Black Out Dates. It is cheaper to purchase a Flight Pass which will include travel restrictions for certain dates.

Flight Pass is currently valid for all JU direct flights within Europe and Middle East.

All Air Serbia rules regarding Baggage allowance and ancillaries and Etihad Guest Programme benefits, which apply to Air Serbia regular fares (baggage limit, seat reservations, meals, etc.), also apply to flights purchased with a Flight Pass.

Before signing up for the Flight Pass option, we advise you to read and agree to the related Terms of Service and Conditions of Use, as well as Privacy Policy, available on Optiontown web site.


Air Serbia staff DOES NOT perform exchanges or refunds of tickets you purchased via Optiontown, using your Flight Pass.

  1. to change flights booked using Flight Pass, passengers are required to use their Optiontown accounts, log in and make the changes.
    • Note that any ancillaries previously booked will be canceled after flight change, and to rebook them you would have to contact Air Serbia. Rebooking of ancillaries on a new flight is not guaranteed, and is subject to availability.
  2. to cancel flights and refund tickets booked using Flight Pass, passengers are required to contact Optiontown personnel via your Optiontown accounts, or by sending an email to
  3. In case of flight disruptions, Air Serbia will perform the exchange of your ticket, to provide alternative flights to your selected destination, in accordance with General Conditions of Carriage.
  4. Flight Pass cannot be used for Unaccompanied Minor travel
  5. All payments regarding Flight Pass, are process by Optiontown. Air Serbia does not participate in that process in any way.

Air Serbia Flight Pass

Visit family and friends

Spend more time with your loved ones abroad, save the time you would spend on searching for flights, your seats are guaranteed.

Discover new destinations

Plan an unplanned trip! Enjoy discovering famous capitals of the world, return to your favourite destinations or discover new ones.

Travel more, save more

With a flight pass, your ticket price is guaranteed at the moment of payment, and will not change whatever the current sales price.

Business travel

If you fly for your work, make a personalised group of prepaid flights, and choose the dates and destinations later when it suits you.