Air Serbia


Our Deal, Saver, Value and Freedom fare let you pick the best price for you, whether you’d prefer to fly in Economy or Business.

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  • 1It is possible to change a reservation depending on brand entitlement and fare availability. If the original flight class is unavailable, a fare difference will be charged in addition to the applicable change fee.
  • 2When a ticket is booked with a combination of brand fares, the most restrictive cancellation rule will apply. Please note that the full ticket price cannot be refunded for cases involving no-shows.
  • 3Upgrading to a higher class is possible for Air Serbia flights, depending on the conditions of the tariff and the availability of a higher class.
  • 4Not available when departing from Tianjin.

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Terms and Conditions apply only on Air Serbia flights. Different conditions and rules apply to partner company flights.
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