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Bid up your flight and experience Business Class

Have you already booked an Air Serbia Economy ticket but would like to enjoy the benefits of Business Class? Here is your chance to enjoy greater comfort on your next flight.

We invite you to enter your bid for the possibility to be upgraded and enjoy following benefits:

You are only 3 steps away from bidding for an Upgrade

  1. Enter your reservation code (PNR) and last name to start a bid and place your offer. The better the offer, the more likely you will get a Business Class seat.
  2. Enter your Payment Information, review and submit. You can change or cancel your upgrade offer at any time before it is accepted by Air Serbia.
  3. We will inform you about the final offer status by e-mail, no later than 6 hours before departure. The amount will be charged only if your offer is accepted. Otherwise, nothing is charged and you will keep the seat you have.