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Special baggage

Bring along everything that is of importance to you, even though it may not represent standard baggage. You may transport special types of baggage on our flights, such as musical instruments or a wheelchair.

We understand that you do not wish to separate from your urn during the travel, which is why you may bring it along in the passenger cabin as a part of your hand luggage.

It is important that you do not violate the free hand luggage allowance rules.

Hand Luggage Rules→

For the purpose of a safe flight the urn need to be placed in a compartment above the seats or space below the seats. The urn needs to be properly closed and packed.

You must possess all the required urn documentation for the customs clearance in the country where you start your trip and the destination country.

If your travel includes combined transport on Air Serbia flights and flights of one or more other airlines or you are travelling on a code share flight of Air Serbia where transport is performed by another company, it is possible that the regulations for the transport of sports equipment of the other company will apply.
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