Air Serbia

Partner Airline Baggage Rules

It is important to us that you completely enjoy your trip when flying with us our our partners.

If you take a combined flight with us and another airline in terms of a codeshare flight whereby another airline is the operating carrier, different transport terms and conditions of the airline operating the flight may apply to you. This implies the regulations regarding baggage, special passenger class rules, check-in procedures, etc.

Visit the official website of the airline which runs your flight to find out all the information in detail.

Also, please check the baggage allowance stated on your ticket before you begin your trip.

Codeshare and How to Recognize It

Codeshare is a business arrangement where two or more airlines share a flight. An airline operates a flight - provides the plane, crew and services throughout the flight, while the other airline or more of them may sell the tickets for the flight under their code.

When you buy tickets at for a codeshare flight, during the process you will be able to see which airline actually operates the flight.