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Advance Seat Reservation

Make sure you've got the seat you want - whether more legroom, a window seat or one next to your dear person. For more extra space just for yourself, you can also book an Extra seat.

Air Serbia standard seat reservation

Standard seat

With a standard seat you get comfort and convenience all in one. Choose your favorite seat by the window, aisle or in the middle, especially if you are travelling in a group and want to sit near your companions.

Where is my seat?

ATR - A319 - A320 - A330 - Boeing 737-700*
Air Serbia standard seat reservation

Priority seat

If you are in a hurry to arrive at your destination, a priority seat is the right choice. Priority seats are located near the exit, so you can be among the first to disembark.

Where is my seat?

ATR - A319 - A320 - A330 - Boeing 737-700*
Air Serbia priority seat reservation

Air Serbia extra legroom seat reservation

Seat with extra legroom

A seat with additional legroom with its special features will contribute to the highest level of comfort in economy class. Remember, these seats are located next to the emergency exit, so check here to see if you meet the conditions.

Where is my seat?

A319 - A320 - A330 - Boeing 737-700*
Air Serbia extra legroom seat reservation

Extra seat

Besides your own seat, you can book an extra seat if you want more space or privacy for yourself. Reservations are possible when you purchase your ticket, and afterwards exclusively through the Contact Centre or in our retail offices. For more information on booking, purchasing and other conditions, click here.

Air Serbia extra seat reservation

  • Prices

    Flights between Belgrade and other markets

    Seat type Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Long haul flights
    Standard seat 4 EUR 6 EUR 8 EUR 25 EUR
    Priority seat 6 EUR 8 EUR 10 EUR 45 EUR
    Extra legroom seat ** 9 EUR 12 EUR 14 EUR 70 EUR
    • Zone 1 destinations: Banja Luka, Bucharest, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Pula, Rijeka, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Split, Tirana, Tivat, Zadar, Zagreb.
    • Zone 2 destinations: Athens, Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Malta, Milano, Nice, Prague, Rome, Stuttgart, Venice.
    • Zone 3 destinations: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beirut, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Helsinki, Cairo, Copenhagen, Krasnodar, Larnaca, London, Madrid, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Sankt Petersburg, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Rostov.
    • Long haul flights: New York

    Flights between Niš/Kraljevo and Europe

    Seat type Short-haul flights Medium-haul flights
    Standard seat 4 EUR 6 EUR
    Priority seat 6 EUR 8 EUR
    Extra legroom seat ** 9 EUR 11 EUR
    • Short-haul flights: Tivat, Ljubljana, Vienna, Thessaloniki.
    • Medium-haul flights: Bologna, Friedrichshafen, Baden, Goteborg, Hanover, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Rome, Salzburg.

    • The price and availability of the desired seat depends on the destination, time of purchase, fare and type of aircraft.
    • The prices for the desired seat are available to you at any time:
    • These prices are subject to change and may vary according to exchange rate movements. The price is calculated in other currencies according to the selling rate taken from IATA Consolidated Exchange Rates (ICER).
    • Advance seat reservation is charged for each passenger and travel segment.
    • Adults and children from 2 to 12 years old are subject to payment, as well as infants if they occupy a separate seat.
    • Infants who do not occupy a seat are not subject to payment.
    • Seat selection is free:
      • Business class passengers,
      • For selected Air Serbia Etihad Guest tiers in Economy Class (benefits do not apply to flights operated from Niš and Kraljevo), see detailed information here,
      • Economy Comfort fare passengers – standard seats only,
      • Economy Saver (L,Q), Economy Value (M,K), Economy Freedom (H,B,Y) passengers - standard seats only.

    * Only when the service is available. In case you do not want to select a seat when checking in for a flight (WEB Check-In), you will be assigned a random seat that is available at that time.

    ** Not available on ATR aircraft.

General terms and conditions

* When the flight is operated by Smart Wings on behalf of Air Serbia