Air Serbia

Has your flight been canceled?

Apply now without waiting and get a credit voucher equal to the value of your ticket + 10% (airport taxes return in same value as paid).

Important Notices

Am I eligible for a Credit Voucher?

Yes, If you have purchased Air Serbia ticket (115) and Your flight is cancelled due to COVID-19 state and other restrictions.

How to apply for the Voucher?

You need to provide your personal information in the request form in order for us to be able to confirm that you are the ticket owner. Please submit your request by agreeing to the terms and conditions bellow.

Terms and Conditions of Credit Voucher

  1. The Credit Voucher is transferable and it can be used in a single or multiple passenger booking.
  2. Requests will be handled by our Credit Voucher team, who are doing their best to process all incoming requests, at the earliest time possible. Therefore, our aim is: to reply to you within no more than 15 working days. In the unlikely case that you do not hear from us within this period of time, please send us a message by e-mail and one of our colleagues will check your request and revert to you. To assist us to serve you in the best and swiftest way, please add the following title to your message: "Credit Voucher Request".
  3. Please do not send multiple request for the same booking as it will only slow down processing time.
  4. As soon as your Credit Voucher request is processed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email with the exact redeemable amount that your Credit Voucher(s) is/are valid for.
  5. The Credit Voucher you will receive will be of the same value as the ticket and ancillaries purchased, plus the 10% of the net fare, fuel tax (YQ) and ancillaries if any. Bonus will not be awarded toward any of the airport taxes.
  6. You may redeem your Credit Voucher through our Call Center (available from 7AM to 11PM) by calling the number +381 11 311 2123, or by visiting any of our offices.
  7. The Credit Voucher must be fully redeemed during the validity period. If the new booking is of lower value than the Credit Voucher, then the difference will be given in subsequent Credit Voucher (validity will be same as on the original voucher). If the new booking is of higher value than the Credit Voucher, then you will be required to pay the difference at the time of booking.
  8. The Credit Voucher is redeemable for one-way or return Air SERBIA operated flights only, including ancillary services and can’t be used for purchasing seats or service on flights operating by other airlines.
  9. The Credit Voucher is non-refundable and cannot be replaced, exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  10. The Credit Voucher will be issued under the same currency as the initial ticket, if it is not possible to issue in initial currency the Credit Voucher will be in EUR or USD
  11. Air SERBIA Conditions of Carriage and relevant fare conditions apply to all bookings made with a Credit Voucher