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GDS/CRS Booking policy

Dear Agents,

Air SERBIA recognizes the Global Distribution System (GDS) as a valuable distribution channel, and as such, we currently participate in all major systems. To ensure availability and reduce unnecessary distribution costs, Air SERBIA strictly monitors Authorized Agencies` (henceforth, Agencies or Agent) and all GDS transactions and behaviour and follows rules and procedures incorporated in the Air SERBIA BOOKING and TICKETING POLICY (henceforth, policy).

To become an authorized agent to sell Air SERBIA tickets and services, a U.S. travel agency must be fully accredited with the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). International Agents must be accredited with IATA and participate in the local Bank Settlement Plan (BSP). ARC or BSP travel agencies requesting ticketing authority must email Air SERBIA and request ticketing authority via email.

Effective immediately, Air SERBIA amends Air SERBIA GDS/CRS BOOKING POLICY Booking procedures and consequent penalties. Starting from this iteration тхе new name of the policy will be "Air SERBIA BOOKING and TICKETING POLICY".

Travel agents who fail to comply with the new rules will be charged with a noncompliance penalty, which is outlined in this document.

Agencies' responsibility starts once they reach the Air SERBIA inventory, Agency employees are obliged to be knowledgeable about Air SERBIA applicable rules, procedures and workflow.

The new policy will permit Air Serbia to improve the quality of inventory as well as improve seat availability on Air Serbia flights worldwide.

The legal basis for calculating the fees for noncompliance with the "Air SERBIA BOOKING and TICKETING POLICY" conforms to the provisions of IATA rules, which are related to reservations and ticketing done by the agencies as indicated in IATA resolutions 830d, 824, 850m with all details. Agencies have to conduct ticketing according to IATA General Rules and Air Serbia fares, notifications and regulations published by Air Serbia.

Without limitation, and in its sole discretion and at any time, Air SERBIA may, without written notice to Agency, without cause or penalty, suspend or limit access, including immediately terminating Air Serbia’s ticketing authority of any Agency Location. If any Agency Location is terminated, Agent may not act in any Agency capacity whatsoever for the sale of Air SERBIA´s Tickets and Services from the terminated location. If ticketing authority is terminated, Agent may not act in any agency capacity whatsoever for the sale of Tickets and Services from any location.

All GDS subscribers are obliged to comply with these policy guidelines to the extent that the authorized Agency must engage employees, sub-agents, service vendors or other third-party contractors to support Agent’s activities within the scope of the ticketing authority, Agency will ensure and be responsible to Air SERBIA for their full compliance with the policy. The policy applies to any ticket or EMD issued using Air SERBIA’s ticket stock.

Air SERBIA holds the right to apply changes to its Debit Memo/Booking policy without notifying beforehand therefore it is under the responsibility of the Travel Service Provider to update its employees of regulations. Air SERBIA can apply below mentioned ADM amounts to all booking practices that do not follow the rules and workflow.

Agencies should follow all rules mentioned in this policy to maintain a good level of service for all business partners


Air SERBIA has the right to audit all booking transactions to identify non-compliant booking practices and reserves the right to issue ADM to recover excessive GDS cost wastage in the amount according to this policy. If the agent misuses any Air SERBIA policy on several accounts in the same PNR, an ADM will be sent for each misuse separately.

If the non-compliant activity is continued by the travel agent, Air SERBIA reserves the right to take additional action up to and including restricting that agency access through the specific GDS which was used by the agency to abuse Air SERBIA inventory.

Should non-compliance with these provisions result in penalties for Air SERBIA imposed by any regulatory or judicial body, the agency will bear the cost of such penalties or court decisions, the agency will promptly be denied the possibility of issuing tickets on our flights, and every legal means and measure will be taken to protect Air SERBIA against harmful actions.

Air SERBIA will not send any supporting documents along with the debit memo and the travel service provider is expected to approach their GDS for the complete PNR history.

For each issued ADM Air SERBIA will also charge administrative fee.

GDS Global Distribution System
CRS Computer Reservations System
PNR Passenger Name Record
RBD Reservation Booking Designator
ADM Agency Debit Memo
SSR Special Service Request
ETKT Electronic Ticket Document
EMD Electronic Miscellaneous Document
IROP Irregular Operations
IATA resolution 824 Passenger Sales Agency Agreement
IATA resolution 830a Consequences of Violation of Ticketing and Reservation Procedures
IATA resolution 830d Reservations procedures for accredited agents
IATA resolution 850m Issue and Processing of Agency Debit Memos (ADMs)
IATA Resolution 852 Designation and Selection of Ticketing Airline
IATA Resolution 722f Ticket Airline
IATA Resolution 890 Customer Card Sales Rules


This "Air SERBIA BOOKING and TICKETING POLICY" manual for agencies is a legitimate tool and is written according to industry and IATA regulations and serves as a guide to different markets that may make the amendments they find necessary, adapting it to their trade policy.

Air SERBIA reserves the right to modify, add or remove parts of this document without prior notice and expects travel agencies to refer to it regularly.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via e-mail