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Air Serbia flights during the weekend

Air Serbia flights during the weekend
19 June 2022

During yesterday and today (18 and 19 June 2022), due to the later entry from the works of aircraft from our fleet and other technical reasons, there was a consequent delay, as well as cancellation of some scheduled and charter flights of Air Serbia.

The Serbian national airline apologizes to all passengers who may be affected by these delays and flight cancellations. Most of the passengers from those flights have already been taken care of, by redirecting to later or alternative flights, and the competent departments of Air Serbia are constantly working to provide the necessary support to the remaining passengers. During all that time, Air Serbia is trying to provide refreshments for passengers, as well as timely information. The company is also deploying additional resources to improve passenger support. The safety of passengers and crew members is the most important priority for Air Serbia.

At the moment, the situation in passenger air transport throughout Europe is burdened with great challenges, which are primarily related to the consequences of the two-year crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the consequent travel restrictions and a great decrease in demand. All sectors of passenger air transport in Europe, from aircraft maintenance, through ground handling, airports, to airlines, are now facing exceptional seasonal growth in demand on the one hand and relatively limited resources on the other, including a shortage of manpower. Passenger air transport is a highly connected industry, so delays and postponement in any of its segments necessarily lead to further phase delays and potential flight cancellations.

Air Serbia, as an integral part of European passenger air transport, also faces similar challenges. The Serbian national airline thanks all passengers for their trust and understanding and will continue to take all necessary measures to strengthen its support for passengers.