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More than half of Air Serbia tickets were purchased via direct sales channels

More than half of Air Serbia tickets were purchased via direct sales channels
19 July 2021

During the first six months of 2021, 53 percent of the total number of tickets purchased were sold using direct sales channels of Air Serbia, i.e. through the website, mobile application, Contact Centre and Air Serbia Retail shops, which represents a significant increase compared to the same period in 2019, when the share amounted to 32 percent. Online sales channels contributed the most to this result, taking up 44 percent share of total sales, which indicates that it doubled compared to the same period in 2019, when it took up 21 percent.

The share of tickets purchased using online sales channels of Air Serbia had a significant increase on monthly level, so from 40 percent online sales share in January, it grew to 50 percent in May and June.

The growth trend of the popularity of online sales channel was the product of constant improvements of the website and the mobile application of the national airline, with simplicity and safety of the sales model itself, which represents an ideal solution in the still ongoing circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the first half of 2021, the option to check-in for a flight online was used by 21% of passengers, even though this type of check-in not being currently available in a large number of destinations, due to restrictive measures against the pandemic.

“In order to offer our passengers the best possible travel experience at all times, we strived to constantly develop our platforms and adapt to the changes in the habits of people brought on by the pandemic. We have introduced changes on our website, updated our mobile application regularly and worked on improving the online reservation system, thus creating a comprehensive and functional solution for passengers. We continue to work on new projects and we are glad to make it easier to search and book flights and enable personalized offers for our users,” said Srđan Prokić, Head of e-Commerce, Air Serbia.

Since the beginning of January to the end of June of this year, the Serbian national airline had a growth of almost 224 percent in terms of the number of registered personal accounts of passengers on e-commerce channels, compared to the same period in 2020, or 111% compared to the same months in 2019. By opening a personal account at the website, passengers avoid the need to constantly input data during every purchase, and also become entitled to discounts.

With the aim of resolving problems as quick as possible, Air Serbia recently upgraded its website by introducing tools for gathering feedback from users during their session on the website, during online ticket purchases or online flight registration.

More information about the activities of the Serbian national airline can be found on the Air Serbia Media Centre web page.