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Great prices for Business class

Great prices for Business class
10 February 2014

It's a pleasure to announce our big promotional campaign with special prices in Business and Economy Class. Our offer is also valid for passengers transiting through Belgrade on their way to or from another city in Europe.

Tickets at these prices will be sold from 10 to 24 February, for travel from 13 February to 31 May 2014.


Destination Return ticket promo fares
Podgorica, Tivat 166.00 EUR
Banja Luka 167.00 EUR
Skopje 184.00 EUR
Sarajevo 195.00 EUR
Thessalonica 211.00 EUR
Rome 252.00 EUR
Milan 260.00 EUR
Istanbul 263.00 EUR
Budapest 291.00 EUR
Athens 323.00 EUR
Copenhagen 325.00 EUR
Stuttgart 329.00 EUR
Zurich 351.00 EUR
Larnaca 359.00 EUR
Brussels 392.00 EUR
Prague 395.00 EUR
Stockholm 397.00 EUR
Amsterdam 411.00 EUR
Tel Aviv 415.00 EUR
London 416.00 EUR
Bucharest 418.00 EUR
Ljubljana 442.00 EUR
Vienna 460.00 EUR
Paris 489.00 EUR
Berlin 491.00 EUR
Dusseldorf 498.00 EUR
Sofia 526.00 EUR
Frankfurt 570.00 EUR
Moscow 612.00 EUR
Varna 734.00 EUR
Abu Dhabi 1458.00 EUR


Destination Return ticket promo fares
Podgorica, Tivat 89.00 EUR
Milan 109.00 EUR
Vienna 119.00 EUR
Dusseldorf 149.00 EUR
Berlin, Paris 189.00 EUR
Moscow 249.00 EUR

These prices are inclusive of all taxes except ticketing service charges. Booking is subject to seat availability. Limited number of seats.

And that's not all! Special prices for Business Class are also available to anyone traveling from or to Abu Dhabi/Dubai, Beirut, Istanbul, Larnaca, or Tel Aviv via Belgrade to or from a number of European destinations. To find out which European destinations we mean and to get flight and/or ticketing information, please visit our sales offices, authorized agents, or contact the Air SERBIA Call Center:

  • for calls from Serbia: 0800 111 528
  • for calls from abroad: +381 11 311 21 23
  • for calls from Montenegro: 020 290 240

Our Guests are welcome to take advantage of these offers and fly with us to the destination of their choice!

Yours, Air SERBIA