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Air Serbia increases the number of flights to Zurich, Frankfurt and Berlin

Air Serbia increases the number of flights to Zurich, Frankfurt and Berlin
11 June 2020

Air Serbia, the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, will increase the number of weekly flights to Zurich and Frankfurt due to demand. Additional Zurich flights will commence in June for the summer, whilst from the 1st of August Air Serbia will add additional frequencies to Frankfurt and Berlin. The Serbian flag carrier will operate up to two flights per day to Zurich in June, and up to three per day during the mid-summer months. In addition, starting in August, Air Serbia will fly to Frankfurt 10 times a week an increase from seven times per week, and to Berlin a total of 10 times a week, instead of 6. Bearing in mind that Air Serbia started with the renewal of a limited number of flights from Belgrade on 21 May, and that competitors on the routes to the mentioned German cities postponed the start of flights for late summer and even early autumn, the Serbian national airline with the planned total of 20 weekly flights remains the main carrier that will connect the region with Frankfurt and Berlin in the coming months.

"We continue to carefully monitor the situation and proactively adjust our traffic to demand. Destinations in Switzerland and Germany are extremely important for us, primarily because of the large number of Serbian citizens who live and work in those countries, but also for business people and tourists. We are closely monitoring developments regarding the lifting or extension of travel restrictions to all destinations we fly to, and we will further adjust our flight schedule in accordance with the changes," said Duncan Naysmith, Air Serbia CEO.

After a two-month break in the performance of commercial passenger flights due to the coronavirus pandemic, since 21 May Air Serbia has started resuming traffic to limited destinations in Europe and the region. From 6 June, overseas flights between Belgrade and New York started again. Depending on demand and travel restrictions, from 15 June, Air Serbia plans to gradually renew operations from Belgrade to a greater number of destinations. From 16 June, the Serbian national airline will start renewing flights from Niš, and on 30 June from Kraljevo.