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Valentine’s day promotion

Valentine’s day promotion
12 February 2020

For Valentine’s Day, Air Serbia decided to offer best prices ever for people travelling as couples. It is said that people in love live in the clouds, and with the national airline’s special offer, they will fly high above them, at the price of only EUR 49 for tickets in the Light fare from Belgrade to one of 30 attractive destinations. Promotional one-way tickets can be purchased from 12 to 13 February and are valid for trips on 14 February, the Valentine’s Day.

The offer includes some of the world’s most romantic cities. This way, couples can spend their 14 February enjoying the view from the Eiffel Tower, or watching the sunset from the hills of Rome, or walking the baroque palaces in Vienna or sailing down the canals of Venice while listening to love arias sang by the gondoliers. Extended romantic weekend for Valentine’s Day seems like a film cliché, but it will become an unforgettable couple’s experience. You have a good reason to give love another chance, because nothing brings back faith in love like a trip for the holiday of love!

“Valentine’s Day will soon be marked in a large number of countries, and Air Serbia is joining this beautiful event. We wish that all those who are in love become even more in love, and for those who are not, we wish them to become in love as soon as possible. We hope that all of our passengers will enjoy the day that celebrates love, and that they will share many nice moments and memories with us,” said Boško Rupić, Head of Trade & Corporate sales at Air Serbia.

All those who want to give the world to their loved one can visit the website, call the charge-free Call Centre number 0800 111 528 for calls from Serbia, and +381 11 311 21 23 for calls from abroad, or visit one of Air Serbia’s offices in Belgrade, located at Nikola Tesla Airport, 17 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra and 12 Jurija Gagarina street.