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Air Serbia strengthens cabin and flight crew

Air Serbia strengthens cabin and flight crew
20 May 2019

The busiest season yet

Ahead of the busiest summer season since the launch of the company in October 2013, Air Serbia has hired more than 100 new cabin crew members, as well as 21 junior co-pilots for ATR and Airbus aircraft. By hiring new personnel, the national airline has prepared for the announced expansion of its regular and seasonal flight network with another 21 flights, nine of which are from Belgrade, and 12 of which from Niš.

In parallel, the national airline organized training for its pilots, 11 of which fulfilled the requirements to be promoted to the position of captain, or move up to a different type of aircraft. In addition to that, the process of appointing new cabin seniors has initiated and they will be selected from the ranks of cabin crew by the middle of June.

"The upcoming period is very important for us. Our company's best individuals have got an opportunity to make progress. At the same time, we have also reinforced our staff with young and qualified talents. The biggest increase in the number of destinations ever has been the result of great team effort, and it is my belief that we will surely be satisfied with the outcome, all with the support of our new team members," Air Serbia's CEO Duncan Naysmith stated at the occasion.

As of June, the national airline will connect Belgrade with Kiev, Madrid, Barcelona, Rijeka, Krasnodar, Helsinki, Nice and Zadar. In mid-July, Air Serbia will also introduce 12 new routes from Niš to – Nuremberg, Frankfurt (Hahn), Hanover, Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe, Salzburg, Rome, Bologna, Budapest, Gothenburg, Ljubljana and Tivat.