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Air Serbia Etihad Guest program rewards our loyal passengers with unique privileges and numerous possibilities of earning and redeeming miles.

With an ever expanding network, there are more opportunities to earn miles whenever you fly with Air Serbia, Etihad Airways or any one of 26 partner airlines of the Etihad Guest program.
Etihad Guest Partner Airlines program

You will also earn miles with more than 150 non-airline partners, including hotels, car rentals and retail partners.
Etihad Guest Non-Air Partners

Program members can redeem their miles for award tickets and cabin upgrades with Air Serbia, Etihad Airways and 26 Etihad Guest Partner Airlines. Or choose from a range of products at Etihad Guest exclusive online Reward Shop.
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Member benefits when traveling with Air Serbia
Etihad Guest Bronze

Etihad Guest Silver

Etihad Guest Gold

Etihad Guest Platinum
Attaining an Etihad Guest Tier1 25,000 Tier miles
or 20 Tier segments
50,000 Tier miles
or 40 Tier segments
125,000 Tier miles
or 60 Tier segments
Maintaining your Etihad Guest Tier2,3 20,000 Tier miles
оr 15 Tier segments
40,000 Tier miles
оr 30 Tier segments
100,000 Tier miles
or 48 Tier segments
Acquire Guest Mile on Qualified Air Serbia flights4 Economy: Deal, Saver, Value, Freedom / Business: Saver, Value, Freedom
Economy: Standard, Comfort / Business: All Inclusive
Tier Bonus5 25% 50% 75%
Earning miles with partners6
Family membership6
Lounge access7 Self + 1 Passenger Self + 1 Passenger
Excess baggage allowance8,11 Piece concept
1 bag up to 23 kg in Economy, 1 bag up to 32 kg in Business
Weight concept
10 kg 15 kg 20 kg
Priority check in9
Priority boarding9
Fast track9,10
Priority baggage9
Seat selection12 Standard seat
Self + 1 Passenger
Priority seat
Self + 1 Passenger
Gold member nomination13
Third party authorisation14


  • *Not applicable to flights to / from Niš and to / from Kraljevo
  • 1Within any rolling 12 month period
  • 2Within your qualifying year
  • 3Once you have attained an Etihad Guest Tier Status after 8 October 2017, your status is valid for: one year for Etihad Guest Silver Members, Etihad Guest Gold and Etihad Guest Platinum Members
  • 4Guest miles will not be earned in Economy Light, only Tier miles and Tier segments. For more information about Air Serbia tariff offers, please click here →
  • 5Tier bonus is only applicable to Etihad Guest miles, not Etihad Guest Tier miles or Tier segments. Tier Bonus will not be earned in Economy Light
  • 6More information about Terms of Use and Etihad Guest Partners is available at
  • 7Applies to Air Serbia Premium Lounge at Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade, as well as other airports in our network. From 1 October 2017, Etihad Guest Silver members traveling on Air Serbia operated flights will no longer have complimentary access to the Air Serbia Premium Lounge in Belgrade and the Al Reem Lounge in Abu Dhabi
  • 8Only on flights marketed and operated by Air Serbia (service not available for flights to/from North America). Excess baggage allowance for our Etihad Guest Platinum, Gold and Silver members will not apply if the passenger has purchased Economy Light or a fare that does not include baggage (baggage can be added against a fee →)
  • 9Only where such service is offered
  • 10Available only for departures from Airport "Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade
  • 11The concept that will be applied (piece concept or weight concept) is indicated when booking the flight as well as in the e-ticket. If your flight includes another airline, the conditions may differ from ours. For more information, contact the Air Serbia Contact Centre or visit our webpage about Partner Conditions of Carriage →
  • 12The number of seats is limited and is determined by the type of aircraft and availability on a given flight. Due to unforeseen circumstances there might be a change of the originally selected seat, but we will do our utmost to provide you with a replacement that has the same or similar characteristics as your original choice. Seat reservation can be made only by calling the Air Serbia Contact Centre (before check-in process has been initiated). Etihad Guest Platinum members can book a seat for themselves and one (1) passenger who is on the same booking as the Platinum member himself. For more information on seat types and any additional charges, please read the section Advance Seat Reservation →
  • 13Gold nomination of one Etihad Guest member is applicable only when attaining the tier for the first time and not upon renewal of the tier
  • 14You can nominate one other person to act on your behalf and manage your account

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