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Special baggage

Bring along everything that is of importance to you, even though it may not represent standard baggage. You may transport special types of baggage on our flights, such as musical instruments or a wheelchair.

Weapons and ammunition will be accepted for carriage only if approved by Air Serbia.

Firearms, daggers, blades, knives and other offensive articles are not allowed in the cabin baggage.

Firearms and ammunition may be carried in the cargo compartment in accordance with the regulation governing carriage of dangerous goods, when properly packed in a case or cover and are of a reasonable quantity, those only for sporting and hunting.

Baggage containing firearms will be transported only in an area that is inaccessible to passengers. Owners must be in possession of necessary export, transit and import permits.

Firearms must be unloaded and packed in a container manufactured specially for the firearms or in a hard case.

Ammunition will be transported separately from the weapon and must be packed in the manufactured original package or securely packed in fiber, wood or metal boxes. Ammunition for sporting purposes weighing up to 5 kg (11lb) gross weight per person for that person's own use, is allowed on Air Serbia flight.

Acceptance procedure and reservation

Please, be informed that weapons will not be accepted on flights operated by aircraft type ATR.

If you wish to carry weapons and ammunition, it is mandatory that you inform us no later than 48 hours before departure.

You can notify us via our Contact Center or Air Serbia Sales offices.

Transport of weapons and ammunition will be carried the same way as sport equipment and will be subject to charges.
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If your travel includes combined transport on Air Serbia flights and flights of one or more other airlines or you are travelling on a code share flight of Air Serbia where transport is performed by another company, it is possible that the regulations for the transport of sports equipment of the other company will apply.
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