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Meals Pre Purchase available from 01.March

Meals Pre Purchase available from 01.March
13 March 2019

Air Serbia has enriched its offer of meals. For an additional fee, all passengers may pre-order meals, which includes a set of hot meals, premium Serbian meals, meals in accordance with different diets (special meals). There are also many other items that are not included in the offer available on board.

The meal offer depends on the length of the flight:

- If you are traveling to New York, you can try one of our three premium Serbian meals, in addition to the free meals we normally serve on board.
- On flights longer than two hours, such as Moscow, Paris or London, you have four hot meals available, prepared from local ingredients. Even if you are on a special diet we have a solution: you can choose one of the 23 special meals. During lent, you also have fasting meals available on Air Serbia flights.
- For flights that last up to 80 minutes, such as Banja Luka, Podgorica or Thessaloniki, you can order sandwiches and desserts that are not offered on board.

Try our delicious dishes and create new memories with Air Serbia.