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Air Serbia marks International Women's Day

Air Serbia marks International Women's Day
8 March 2020

On International Women's Day, Air Serbia decided to give priority to its female passengers when checking-in at Belgrade Airport on 8 March, for the entire day.

The national airline strongly advocates gender equality, evidenced by the fact that women make up 48% of all employees at Air Serbia, as well as that an equal number of men and women are found in managerial positions in the company, with a 50% share each.

Air Serbia had a special moment in its history on 10 May 2017, when the first airplane with an all-female flight crew took off. Captain Vesna Aleksić, First Officer Mirjana Stojilković and four female cabin crew members sent a strong message that day, that the stereotypical division of professions into male and female ones is a thing of the past, and that women can have successful careers in aviation or any other area.

"It is a great honour to be at the helm of the company which sees its employees as its greatest value, giving them equal opportunities to work and reach their full career potential. We will aim to celebrate the efforts, dedication and success of our employees every day, not only on special dates", CEO of Air Serbia Duncan Naysmith stated.

Believing that good results and strategic goals are achieved only with teamwork and gender synergy, Air Serbia will continue to contribute to empowerment of women, their professional development and to the creation of equal opportunities for everyone.