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Rhodes is known for its endless beaches surrounded by pine forests, villages embedded in the mountains, archaeological sites and a spear-like shape. This Mediterranean gem is a famous tourist destination, special both in Greece and in the whole world. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the renowned Colossus, originated nowhere else but on the island of Rhodes. The old part of the city is embellished by the 14th century Kastello Palace (The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes), a remarkable clock tower, the Archaeological and the Byzantine museum, all of them witnesses to the rich history of the island. The new part of the city is just as interesting, with the National Theatre and the Church of the Annunciation standing out in particular among the many buildings dating from the period of Italian rule. Not far from the village of Theologos, there is the well-known Valley of Butterflies, where millions of butterflies appear from June to September.

FAQ about your flight to Rhodes

What is average flight time from Belgrade to Rhodes?

The average flight time from Belgrade to Rhodes is around 1h 50 min. Some factors can affect the length of the flight, including the weather and the type of aircraft used.

What is the time zone in Rhodes?

Rhodes time zone is UTC +2.

What is the currency used in Rhodes?

The currency used in Rhodes is euro(EUR).

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