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What makes Brussels the ideal city to travel to?

With their rich culture, history and variety of languages, the cities of the old continent have always attracted tourists from all over the world. From Serbia, the trip to European capitals is short, affordable and accessible to everyone.

Brussels is one of the most visited cities in Europe because it offers something interesting for every tourist. It can be reached by flight from Serbia in a little over 2 hours, which is why people choose it for longer as well as shorter visits.

Brussels - the capital a country with a turbulent history

The Brussels Metropolitan Area contains 19 municipalities and has existed for more than 1,000 years. It is the capital of Belgium, and is located between the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France.

At different points in its history it has been part of the Frankish state, of Germany, of Austria, as well as the Netherlands. Monuments, historical records, facade styles… all testify to the influence of different cultures and form a style unique Belgian style.

French, German and Dutch are spoken throughout the region, but tourists will have no problems communicating as English is also used in everyday conversation.

Nowadays, Brussels is the unofficial capital of the EU, a number of whose institutions have their headquarters there: The European Commission and the Council of the EU.

The official currency is the Euro. Prices do not differ much from those in Belgrade. Accommodation can be found in luxury hotels, but there are also cheaper options for those looking for a more affordable trip.

Belgium and Brussels are ideal for tourist trips due to their temperate climate, meaning they are attractive during all four seasons.

What sights to visit in Brussels?

Before going on a trip, it is idea to learn about the city and make a decision about what sites you would like visit. Brussels has much to offer tourists. In addition to its rich heritage you will find a plethora of opportunities for shopping, nightlife and relaxation. Plan a longer vacation if you don't want to miss out on any of these. For this reason, many tourists keep coming back to Brussels, discovering and enjoying new facets of the city each time.

The Grand Market - La Grand-Place

A good place to start your tour of the city is on its beautiful main square, known for its biennial flower carpet event, in which a tapestry of begonias is woven across it. You should definitely visit the City Hall, which presents a fascinating and faithful history of Brussels with its murals, painted walls and ceilings.

No visit would be complete without visiting the famous fountain featuring the bronze fountain sculpture a urinating boy "Manneken Pis". Although it is strange for a statue like this to be a symbol of the city, there is a story that he saved the city a bomb explosion by urinating on the burning fuse. Whether the story is myth or fact, no one knows for sure.

Castles and parks

Brussels has several famous and historically significant castles. They offer a beautiful insight into the country's not so distant past. Stroll through time and space like princes and princesses and visit the castles VevesAttreAnnevoie. Every visitor is sure to enjoy such a tour.

Museums and galleries

The city also features around 90 museums. Among them you will find: The Chocolate Museum, the Museum of Musical Instruments, the Comics Museum, as well as the the Brussels City Museum, the Museum of Modern Architecture...

The breathtaking exhibitions hold the attention of visitors from start to finish. In the chocolate museum, for example, one can learn the value of a cocoa bean, or how the best Belgian chocolate is made.

The Royal Gallery of St. Hubert is a tourist paradise. Again, this is not a gallery in the traditional sense, but a huge space with shops that depict the life of Brussels. It recalls the unforgettable taste of the famous Belgian chocolate, as well as offering tourists the finest lace, crocheted items, hats, books…

Tourists return from Brussels full of impressions, souvenirs and antiques that remain both as mementos and a reminder to return.

Also worth visiting...

The Atomium is a strange structure; built in 1958, it is an enlarged replica of an iron atom. Each dome features its own exhibition, so the interior is very interesting.

Your tour would not complete if you were to miss out on trying the famous Belgian beer, or walking the streets and enjoying a view of the special buildings which can only be seen here. There are no skyscrapers and tall buildings. The urban fabric is dyed in vivid colors, and all buildings are the same height. The arrangement of the streets allows old and new architecture to intertwine elegantly.

The Brussels nightlife is best experienced by visiting some of its nightclubs. Shopping amenities are mostly in Rue Neuve, in shopping malls, as well as in avenues and smaller streets that branch off from the main square.

Don't miss out on taking one of the famous comics or books home with you - Nine City has everything that fans want.

Among the best dishes to try are original Belgian waffles, Belgian sausages, croquettes - these dishes have simple ingredients, but a good combination spices and sauces creates a unique taste that can only be found here.

There are still much to see in the form of opera, cafes, cinemas, theaters - it takes a lot of time to visit everything.

Special attraction - day trips to Brussels

  1. Trips to the towns of Ghent and Bruges - this tour is great for anyone interested in the castles of the Counts of Flanders - places with medieval architecture where time seems to stand still. The visit features walks through the two towns, as well as a boat ride through narrow canals. All you need to bring with you are a pair of comfortable shoes and a good mood, and the beautiful scenery will take of the rest.
  2. A full day trip to the Keukenhof Gardens and the village of Zaanse Schans - these are just some of the interesting places near Brussels that feature breathtaking beautiful nature and interesting cultural attractions. Tourists can visit the windmill village, participate in several workshops, eat the best cheese and learn about the types of flowers that the gardens contain.
  3. A trip to the fields of Flanders - this tour is ideal for lovers of history. The program includes visits to places marked by battles, to museums, as well as to the largest cemetery of the Commonwealth in the world.

Why is a flight to Brussels the best choice?

Brussels is 1,700 km away from Belgrade. In order to cover that distance by car, it takes 17 long hours of driving without stopping. It is a strenuous and long journey, taking two days in total.

In contrast, the flight from Belgrade to Brussels takes 2 hours and 20 minutes, is comfortable, fast and affordableA plane ticket from Belgrade to Brussels is easy to find because departures are frequent.

In this way, your trip to Brussels could even be planned at the last minute, taking advantage of one of the planned trips or by making your own travel plans.

Travelling allows us to discover new landscapes, to learn new languages and get to know different cultures. Brussels is one of the cities that is close if you travel by plane. It is interesting for people of all ages, and warmly welcomes everyone who comes to visit.


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