Practical info

Flemish, French Languages spoken
2h 20m Flight duration to Belgrade
Euro (EUR) Currency
230V, 50Hz, C / E Electricity
Time zone UTC +2
Brussels Airports
13 m (43 ft) Altitude

The capital of Belgium and the seat of the European Union administration. The unique character of Brussels unites the numerous cultures of its inhabitants. The artistic and fashion scene that reeks of innovation and creativity does not lag too much behind the same one in Paris. An increasing number of galleries in which new as well as already confirmed names from the world of contemporary art have their expositions. Numerous bars ensue so that those who have plenty of obligations, after leaving the office, enjoy local beers and fried potatoes. The offer in city cafes, restaurants and bars will satisfy anyone’s taste. During your stay in Brussels, do not miss to taste the world-famous Belgian chocolate in colorful shops around the city.