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Air SERBIA - Treat yourself to the spa that suits you best

Air SERBIA - location LOCATION?

Sokobanja - Located in the south-east of Serbia, between the mountains Rtanj and Ozren, at 400m above sea level.
Prolom banja - Located in the southern part of Serbia, on the slopes of Mount Radan.
Vrnjačka banja - Located in the central part of Serbia in the valley of the West Morava, surrounded by mountains, dominated by mount Goč.

Air SERBIA - distance DISTANCE?

Sokobanja - Distance from Belgrade: about 229km
Prolom banja - Distance from Belgrade: approximately 310 km
Vrnjačka banja - Distance from Belgrade: about 200km

Air SERBIA - how to get there HOW TO GET THERE?

Sokobanja - You can reach Sokobanja by car or bus. The fastest way is the route Belgrade-Paracin-Rtanj-Sokobanja which, in addition to beautiful landscapes, offers the possibility of visiting the ethno village Balasevic as a stop on the way. Expected travel time is about 3 hours’ drive.
Prolom banja - You can come from Belgrade by car or bus. The fastest way is through Niš, and the expected driving time is a little more than 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Vrnjačka banja - From Belgrade you can travel by car, bus or train. The expected travel time is a little more than 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Sokobanja is the oldest spa in Serbia.
It is a sanctuary of peace and untouched nature, often called the "The Green Heart of Serbia". Near this spa is the medieval town of "Sokograd", built on the foundations of a Roman fortress. Sokograd Fortress lies on rocky ground, and the exact time of its creation is still unknown. This landscape of exceptional features is adorned by the colourful gorge of the river Moravica, the picnic area Lepterija and a landscape to take your breath away.
Sokobanja is recommended for the treatment of patients with lung or eye problems. Besides therapy, this spa offers you a varied range of activities. For a beautiful day in the sun, there are various picnic areas available. In addition to the vast meadows, the caves and the waterfalls, we suggest visiting some of the nearby restaurants. You will enjoy the tastes of traditional specialties from this part of Serbia.

Air SERBIA - what to see WHAT TO SEE?

Ripaljka Waterfall

At the foot of the waterfall is a wooden plateau arranged for relaxation. Here, the water temperature is a few degrees lower. This adventure is a real, natural refreshment in the summer months. This phenomenon is a real elixir for the body and is known as the "Leonard effect".

Prolom banja

Recognizable and widely known for its healing water source.
Due to its high pH value, Prolom voda is the best-known water in Serbia. It springs from a depth of 220m on the slopes of Mount Radan. Many consider it the water of youth, but what is certain is its broad healing effect.
Enjoying the wonders of Prolom banja begins in the hotel room with a glass of water. It is among the rare waters that can be drunk throughout the whole of life. No physical or chemical treatment is used during bottling. Prolom caterers also use water to make other drinks, so you can try Prolom beer and Prolom juices.
The wellness centres take care of your complete enjoyment. These exclusive complexes naturally relieve you of stress and lead to a psychophysical well-being. In addition to outdoor and indoor pools, there are massages, sauna, a steam bath… Everything you expect from a spa complex is right here.

Vrnjačka banja

Vrnjačka Banja is the largest spa in Serbia.
With its seven mineral springs, many consider it the most beautiful, which is why it bears the title Queen of Spa Tourism in Serbia. It is located in the central part of Serbia in the valley of the West Morava, surrounded by mountains, dominated by mount Goč. This most visited spa is the choice of both young and old for rest and enjoyment.
The healing effect of Vrnjačka Banja’s water is used to treat various diseases: sugar related diseases, liver diseases and for inhalation. The treatment is performed by bathing in thermal water or consuming it.
Whether you are a fan of nature, art or cultural sights - Vrnjačka Banja is the right choice. Vrnjačka promenade is located in the centre. The paved promenade and the spa air will make your walk unforgettable. This spa also has its mascot sparrow Gočko who has a nail clipper and wears sandals.
Vrnjačka park is also attractive for the youngest. It is an unavoidable stop if you come on vacation with children. For a complete experience, a tour of the park by carriage or train is available. And if you want your love to last forever, there is also the "Bridge of Love". According to legend, couples in love fix a padlock with their names to the bridge so that their love will be eternal.