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Air Serbia - 3 snow queens

Air SERBIA - distance DISTANCE?

Zlatibor - From Belgrade it is 230 km.
Stara Planina - From Belgrade it is 300km
Kopaonik - From Belgrade it is 280km

Air SERBIA - how to get there HOW TO GET THERE?

Zlatibor - You can get from Belgrade to Zlatibor by car or bus on the E-760 road. You will need a little more than 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Stara Planina - You can reach Stara Planina from Belgrade by car or bus (through one of the agencies). The shortest way is through Zajecar and Knjazevac, a little over 4 hours drive. The route is interesting in itself for viewing nature and historical sights.
Kopaonik - You can get to Kopaonik from Belgrade by car or bus. Expect a trip of about 4 hours. The most accessible way is the eastern approach to Kopaonik, but if there are blizzards or strong wind, the road through Jošanička Banja is recommended.


Zlatibor is a popular all-season destination in western Serbia. Its location makes it easily accessible, it offers something for everyone, for families with or without children, for the young and the old. Zlatibor has everything good hospitality demands.
The people of the region are famous for their hospitality and you will not come home from Zlatibor without sweet strawberry conserves, well-matured cheese or honey from the meadows.
Zlatibor has wonderful hiking trails, provides active rest and relaxation in the rich variety of hotels and resorts, with recreation on sports fields and in swimming pools. If you like horseback riding or para-gliding, this is the place you can enjoy it in an affordable way.
We can recommended that you visit one of the most attractive sights on the mountain - Gostilje waterfall. This lies just 25 km from the centre of Zlatibor, at a village of the same name, and is well worth the visit.
The new Gold gondola is a real attraction on this mountain. This impressive gondola connects the centre of Zlatibor with the Tornik ski resort and is also the longest panoramic gondola in the world. The ride takes 25 minutes in each direction and crosses Lake Ribnica - a real pleasure for all lovers of the untouched beauty of this region.
Apart from the idyllic mountain setting, Zlatibor offers some fascinating features. Be sure to visit the open-air museum or Old Village of Sirogojno, a unique piece of authentic Serbia. It evokes a world that has disappeared with its original log cabins and handicrafts of a past era. Sirogojno is known for its hand-knitted sheep's wool sweaters. These garments, each a unique artwork with motifs from the Zlatibor region, have traveled the world, and skilled knitters still create them today.

Stara planina (the Old Mountain)

Stara Planina lies in the southeast of Serbia. A landscape of wondrous beauty, dense forests, wild horses and vast pastures. The trademark of the mountain is Babin Zub (Granny's Tooth) heights, at 1,758m above sea level. The rock's shape resembles a tooth from a distance which is how it got its name.
The highest peak of Stara Planina is Midzor. You can reach it by gondola. And if you are an adventurer and a mountain lover you can continue on foot to the very top . Stara planina is a place for lovers of unrestrained nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
In addition to its natural resources, this mountain is a sanctuary for the oldest Serbian frescoes. At the foot of the Stara Planina are the monasteries of St. George and St. Onurphius..
On Stara Planina, nature rules: in its full strength, beauty and power, without embellishment or unnecessary distractions. Time spent on this mountain is unforgettable.


Kopaonik is the most visited ski centre in Serbia, and leaves no one unmoved. Its range of pistes makes it a great place for skiers of all skill levels, and for those who would just like to walk on snow without skis under their feet.
Kopaonik is the broadest and highest mountain at the centre of Serbia, often called the 'Roof of Serbia'. This ski center is for everyone who likes active holidays, winter sports, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding or quad riding. A day of sports on Kopaonik passes quickly and after sunset you will find a rich selection of hotels, spas, restaurants, cafes and bars where you can continue your active vacation off the piste.
The characteristic mountain air and landscapes of dense coniferous forest leave you breathless. All of its exceptional characteristics have made Kopaonik a national park.
The landscapes of Kopaonik hide some unexpected spots: an archaeological site with the poetic name Heavenly Chairs, a floating island on Lake Semetes, and not far from there magnificent waterfalls with unforgettable views.