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Air Serbia - Ivanjica - where raspberries thrive

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Mountain biking
Hiking along the paths of Mt. Golija and Mt. Javor

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170 km from Belgrade

Ivanjica - where raspberries thrive

The pretty little town of Ivanjica sits "on the lap of seven mountains". The best-known mountain in the proximity of Ivanjica is Golija, recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve because of its exceptional beauty. Ivanjica is also Serbia's first air spa.
Visitors to Arilje can bathe in the nearby river Veliki Rzav, one of the purest in Europe. The names alone of its many developed beaches, like Bare Foot, Urjak, Sonja's Charms, the Narrow Eddy, etc. are enough to attract inquisitive visitors.

Another natural rarity is Visočka Spa, with its springs of thermal mineral waters and attractive "hanging" fountains emerging from the rocks above the river. This is just a part of the attractive places you can visit in the area immediately surrounding Arilje. What sets Arilje apart is what it nurtures and cultivates, and what has made it known outside of Serbia. Arilje is known for its cultivation of raspberries.
Most of the inhabitants of this fertile region are engaged in cultivating the so-called "red gold", so they have a particular respect for this sweet fruit. Their love for the raspberry is so great that they have built a monument to it!
If the road takes you to Ivanjica, you must have a taste of these local specialties: the potatoes from Ivanjiaca baked in a clay pot in live coals, meze from Mt. Golija and, obviously, raspberry juice and raspberry cake.

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The picturesque center of Ivanjica
The Church of Holy Emperor Konstantin and Empress Jelena
The hydropower plant on the Moravica River and the stone bridge