Air Serbia

Air Serbia - Zeleni Beograd


The palace park, the palace church and the oriental residence of the great Serbian ruler Miloš Obrenović tell the story of Serbia's liberation from the Turks. One sight to see in the park is a magnificent Plane tree over a hundred years old. In the park you can also take a ride in an attractive horse carriage, ride on roller skates or a bike, or just enjoy an afternoon rest.


The Belgrade beach - a beautiful river lake surrounded by woods, with cafes, restaurants, bicycle paths and sports fields, the most beautiful recreational area of the city. Bungee jumping, water skiing, free climbing, an adventure park, fishing, a photo safari or simply sunbathing and swimming – Ada provides for every recreational or active athlete, and although it is located in an urban environment, it is tucked away from the city noise and holds a good atmosphere. From Ada there is a view of the newly built 'Bridge over Ada' - a global architectural wonder and a new symbol of the city.


The Avala tower on the hill of the same name is another symbol of the city, it demonstrates the power of Belgrade to rise from its ashes. Demolished in a NATO bombing in 1999, the tower was rebuilt. From the lookout point at the top there is a striking panoramic view. There is also a monument to the Unknown Hero on Avala. You can take the lift in the tower and if you are an enthusiast, check when a race up the steps takes place and take up the challenge. There is a cafe and a souvenir shop at the top of the tower, and you will not forget the view of the landscape.


Children call it the Belgrade Forest and adults the "lungs of Belgrade": this is a place where joggers, fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes come regularly to keep fit. The trim trail with its equipment for outdoor exercise enrich this place where, in addition to exercising, you can also walk, take a picnic (try to avoid 1 May because it is very crowded) or enjoy the panorama of Belgrade from the ski slope.