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Restaurant 'Šešir moj'

An adventure for all senses in the heart of Skadarlija

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For all information and reservations please contact:

Skadarska 21, 11000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 7228 750

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Restaurant 'Šešir moj'

'Šešir moj' tavern is the most visited tavern in Skadarlija, well known as the bohemian quarter in Belgrade, which goes to show the quality of our offer and reputation we have among gourmets and bohemians.
In the tavern 'Šesir moj' (This Hat of Mine) you will encounter the spirit of Skadarlija, the rhythm of Belgrade, the flavours of Serbia and guests from around the world. The moment you step foot in our tavern you will enter a hidden world, only found in some places – like our tavern 'Šešir moj'.
Our experienced team of chef and waiters is a winning combination because the waiter knows what to recommend and the guests get exactly what they wish.
Quality food is the main reason why the tavern 'Šešir moj' is well visited at all times, and because of that we always have fresh ingredients for most dishes. Fresh ingredients allow us to quickly prepare each meal, and waiting longer than 20 minutes is a rarity. All goods that we use in the tavern 'Šešir moj' are purchased at the beginning of the day at Belgrade’s markets, while some of the food and beverages, such as brandy and sausages, are purchased directly from rural households. For the preparation of grilled meat, we use a barbecue grill, while we only supply meat in butcheries that insist on quality.
Our guests can dine in a quiet atmosphere at the tavern 'Šešir moj' with live music that is not too loud and can talk to each other, with dim lights.
We believe that this is the best way to serve food and make atmosphere for our guests to tiny night hours.

As an Air Serbia Partner we offer the following benefits:

  • 21% discount on food and beverge