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Special baggage

Bring along everything that is of importance to you, even though it may not represent standard baggage. You may transport special types of baggage on our flights, such as musical instruments or a wheelchair.

You may bring your musical instrument as a part of your hand luggage or checked baggage. If you wish, you may buy a separate seat for your musical instrument.

It is important to put your instrument in a protective box to ensure its complete protection during the transport.

Musical Instruments as Hand Luggage

You may bring in small musical instruments as hand luggage if their number, size and weight with the protective box are compliant with the hand luggage allowance in terms of number, weight and size.

Hand Luggage Rules→

Musical Instruments on a Separate Seat

Since musical instruments are sometimes very expensive and fragile, we recommend that you buy an extra seat for them. We advise this type of transport for instruments such as cellos, drums, guitars, harps, violas, violins, as well as amplifiers and speakers.

You need our approval to transport your instrument on an additional seat. This is why you should inform us whether you would like to buy an extra seat while booking your flight and share information about the type, weight and size of the instrument.

All instruments need to be packed in a round-edged protective box. Smaller instruments will be placed on an extra seat, while the larger ones will be placed on the floor in front of the seat.

An extra seat for the instrument will be charged at the same rate as your seat.

An extra seat for the instrument may be bought only via the Contact Centre or in our branch office.

On seat - maximum weight 75 kg On floor in front of seat - maximum weight 75 kg

Aircraft type - мax dimensions

  • A330 - 45cm x 50cm x 113,5cm
  • A320/A319 - 38cm x 50cm x 120cm
  • ATR - 43cm x 50cm x 97cm

Aircraft type - мax dimensions

  • A330 - 23cm x 45cm x 160cm
  • A320/A319 - 30cm x 50cm x 160cm
  • ATR - 23cm x 43cm x 155cm

Musical Instruments as Checked Baggage

Your musical instruments may be transported in the form of checked baggage, in which case the rules regarding free checked baggage allowance must be observed.

Checked Baggage Rules →

The instrument must be packed in an undamaged protective solid box. We reserve the right to check whether your instrument is properly packed. If not, we shall not be responsible for any damage to the instrument.

If your instrument along with the protective box exceeds the regulations regarding checked baggage allowance, standard excess baggage charges will apply.

Excess Baggage Charges →

If the sum of the dimensions of the instrument box is higher than 203 cm, you need to inform us thereof while booking your flight, because the transport of such an instrument requires our prior approval.

If the sum of the dimensions of the instrument box is higher than 330 cm or the instrument box is heavier than 32 kg, your musical instrument will be transported as freight (cargo).

If your travel includes combined transport on Air Serbia flights and flights of one or more other airlines or you are travelling on a code share flight of Air Serbia where transport is performed by another company, it is possible that the regulations for the transport of sports equipment of the other company will apply.
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