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Hand luggage

Pack everything you need for a short trip in your hand luggage or pack all the things for which there was no room in the suitcase and bring them along into the passenger cabin.

Due to the limited space in the ATR 72 passenger cabin, your hand luggage may be transferred into the luggage hold. The crew will put your luggage next to the airstairs after the landing so you can take it over from there.

Other aircraft from our fleet also have a limited luggage compartment space. If all hand luggage compartments are packed full, our staff will move it to the checked baggage hold.

Before this you will need to remove any hazardous substances which are not allowed in the checked baggage hold from your hand luggage, such as:

We suggest that you removed any valuables, electronic equipment, important documents, medication, etc. from the luggage to be relocated to the checked baggage hold.