Air Serbia

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Our mission is a timely delivery of high quality and safe catering services to airline companies and all other persons and companies at any location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Civil Aviation Directorate gave Air Serbia Catering the status of a regulated supplier of supplies for consumption during flight.


The capacity, equipment and level of training of the staff facilitate the preparation of various meal concepts for all classes of passengers and crew members: a complete meal, light meal, brunch, snack, lunch package, etc.

We provide constant support to airline companies through creation of menus or preparation of meals in accordance with the obtained specifications.

The delivery of all special meals is in accordance with the IATA standards.

Besides catering, we offer the following services to airlines:

VIP Business Aviation

In a short time period, Air Serbia Catering can respond to all your demands for the preparation of food and drinks for VIP business aviation.

The food can be served in company dishes or in top quality attractive disposable dishes.