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US denied boarding regulation

In accordance with U.S. DOT request, published in 14 CFR 250.9, Air Serbia presents below notice to passengers.

If you have been denied a reserved seat on Air Serbia flight departing from the U.S., you are probably entitled to monetary compensation. This notice explains the airline's obligation and the passenger's rights in the case of an oversold flight, in accordance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Volunteers and Boarding Priorities

If a flight is oversold (more passengers hold confirmed reservations than there are seats available), no one may be denied boarding against his or her will until Air Serbia has first asked for volunteers who will give up their reservation willingly, in exchange for compensation of the airline's choosing. If there are not enough volunteers, other passengers may be denied boarding involuntarily in accordance with the following boarding priority of Air Serbia.

Boarding priority

Passengers holding a confirmed reservation will always be boarded before any passengers not holding a confirmed reservation or not entitled to a firm reservation. Passengers holding a confirmed reservation who have fully paid a fare (including special fares, excursion fares, discounted fares – such as for children), approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation for publication and sale for general public, will be boarded in sequence in which they have presented themselves, properly documented for the flight and at appropriate time and place, for check-in.


The following passengers will not be denied boarding unless unavoidable:

Compensation for Involuntary Denied Boarding

If you are denied boarding involuntarily, you are entitled to a payment of denied boarding compensation from the airline unless:

Amount of Denied Boarding Compensation

International Transportation

Passengers traveling from the U.S. to a foreign point who are denied boarding involuntarily from an oversold flight originating at a U.S. airport are entitled to:

Time delayed Compensation
0 to 1 hour arrival delay No compensation
1 to 4 hour arrival delay 200% of one-way fare (but no more than $675)
Over 4 hours arrival delay 400% of one-way fare (but no more than $1,350)

Alternate Transportation

Alternate transportation is air transportation with a confirmed reservation at no additional charge (by any scheduled airline licensed by DOT), or other transportation accepted and used by the passenger in the case of denied boarding.

Method of Payment

Except as provided below, the airline must give each passenger who qualifies for involuntary denied boarding compensation a payment by cash or check for the amount specified above, on the day and at the place the involuntary denied boarding occurs. If the airline arranges alternate transportation for the passenger's convenience that departs before the payment can be made, the payment shall be sent to the passenger within 24 hours. The air carrier may offer free or discounted transportation in place of the cash payment. In that event, the carrier must disclose all material restrictions on the use of the free or discounted transportation before the passenger decides whether to accept the transportation in lieu of a cash or check payment. The passenger may insist on the cash/check payment or refuse all compensation and bring private legal action.

Passenger's Options

Acceptance of the compensation may relieve Air Serbia from any further liability to the passenger caused by its failure to honor the confirmed reservation. However, the passenger may decline the payment and seek to recover damages in a court of law or in some other manner.