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List of unruly passengers

Pursuant to Article 230a of the Air Transport Law of Republic of Serbia, and having as a goal preventing threats to the good order and safety of aircraft and the safety of crew, persons, and property onboard, Air Serbia a.d. Beograd (henceforth: Air Serbia) has adopted Rules on the list of unruly passengers.

Unruly passengers are passengers who have embarked on an aircraft and who, from the closing of the aircraft doors prior to take-off until their opening following landing, commit one of the following acts:

  1. assault, intimidation, threats or other acts which may jeopardize the good order and safety of the aircraft and/or the safety of crew, persons and property onboard;
  2. assault, intimidation, threats, disruptive behavior or other actions which could negatively affect the ability of crew members to perform their duties onboard;
  3. deliberate damage caused to the aircraft, its components, or equipment and deliberately neglecting to perform certain actions, which could jeopardize the good order and safety of the aircraft, crew, and property onboard the aircraft;
  4. providing false information with the intention of jeopardizing flight safety;
  5. failing to carry out mandatory commands or instructions given to ensure safety, good order, or efficiency of operation.

The List of Unruly Passengers (henceforth: the Blacklist) is a list of passengers of disruptive behavior prohibited from traveling on Air Serbia flights for a period between 6 months and 2 years (henceforth: Prohibition period), depending on the specific circumstances of each case including, without being limited to, the type of incident, the level of threat to good order and safety of the aircraft, crew, persons, and property onboard the aircraft, as well as the repetition of disruptive behavior and the history of disruptive behavior.

In the event that:

the Unruly passenger will not be able to use such tickets during the Prohibition Period. The amounts which are paid but remain unused will be refunded. Air Serbia will not bear any additional costs or refund any other amounts pertaining to an Unruly passenger who has been blacklisted.

Air Serbia will duly notify the Unruly passenger that he/she has been placed on the Blacklist and is prohibited from traveling on Air Serbia flights for the duration of the Prohibition Period, as well as of being removed from the Blacklist after the Prohibition period and that is permitted to travel without restrictions on Air Serbia flights