Children travelling alone

We care about safety and security of children and do our best to make their flight comfortable and interesting.

Children travelling alone

Children under 5 years of age travelling within Europe and between Europe and the Middle East and children under 7 years of age travelling between Europe and the USA will not be accepted on our flights unless accompanied by a parent/legal guardian or sibling/any other person of at least 16 years of age.

Children aged 5 to 12 travelling within Europe and between Europe and the Middle East, and children aged 7 to 12 travelling between Europe and the USA may travel without an adult only with an official escort.

Charges for unaccompanied minors

Service Within Europe and between
Europe and the Middle East
Europe and the USA
Accompanying one child (charge per direction) 45 EUR 90 EUR
Accompanying several siblings with the same surname and/or address who travel together on the same reservation (charge per direction) 45 EUR 90 EUR

The duties of a parent/ guardian of a child traveling alone (as an unaccompanied minor)

  • The parent/ guardian must inform our staff at the time of booking that they wish to buy a ticket for an unaccompanied minor.
  • A ticket for an unaccompanied minor must be approved before issue by Air Serbia and all the other airlines involved in the transport, if any.
  • The parent/ guardian is required to provide aall the necessary travel documents for an unaccompanied minor (passport, visa, ticket, etc.) in compliance with Air Serbia rules and regulations.
  • The unaccompanied minor data form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian at the airport at the time of check-in. For that reason, please arrive at the airport earlier and check the child in two hours before departure so all the formalities are taken care of in due time.
  • The parent/ guardian of a child entrusted to the authorized airport officer at the airport of departure should not leave the airport before flight departure.
  • Please note that only the persons nominated in the unaccompanied minor data form may deliver the child to the member of staff at the airport of departure and/or collect the child at the airport of destination.

Unaccompanied Minor request for carriage

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