Air Serbia


Due to the suspension of Adria Airways’ operations, Air Serbia has enabled the Slovenian airline’s passengers to fly to their destinations of choice at rates lower than average for this time of year. Passengers who are at risk of having their travel plans partly or completely disrupted by the flight suspension, will be able to use Air Serbia’s network and fly to cities in the neighboring region and Europe. Ticket prices for these flights, depending on destination, will start from 74 EUR for a return trip via Belgrade. Passengers can also opt for one-way tickets, at half the rate of a return ticket.

Routes Price from
Ljubljana-Sarajevo 74 EUR
Ljubljana-Skopje 84 EUR
Ljubljana-Sofia 84 EUR
Ljubljana-Podgorica 84 EUR
Ljubljana-Tirana 84 EUR
Ljubljana-Vienna 114 EUR
Ljubljana-Zurich 134 EUR
Ljubljana-Prague 84 EUR
Ljubljana-Copenhagen 139 EUR
Ljubljana-Brussels 139 EUR
Ljubljana-Paris 129 EUR
Ljubljana-Frankfurt 129 EUR