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Air Serbia - Šarganska osmica


The narrow gauge railway Osmica (number 8) exists thanks to the ideas of some ingenious engineers. The hitherto insurmountable ascent of the Shargan pass was solved by forming the railway in circles in the shape of a figure 8. With its numerous bridges and tunnels and a gradient of 18 degrees, the Sharganska Osmica is unique in Europe. You buy tickets on the spot and you remember the ride forever.
Another miracle happened on Shargan: while shooting the film Life is a Miracle the famous director Emir Kusturica discovered the sunny hill Mećavnik and built his wooden town on it as if from a fairy tale. It became a tourist site but also a place where an International film and music festival takes place, the Kustendorf festival at Mokra Gora, which is held every January.

Air SERBIA - Shargan eight what to see WHAT TO SEE?

The narrow gauge museum

At the new railway station in Požega, on four old rails and inside the station building, an exceptional museum collection of old locomotives, wagons and special machines has been set up. The rarities are the German locomotive Rama from 1873 and the first locomotive produced in the Balkans, which was named Milan after King Milan Obrenović. Other interesting exhibits are the salon of Emperor Joseph I and the Partisan Armored Car.