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Air Serbia - Golubačka tvrđava

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Vila Dunavski raj

Air SERBIA - distance DISTANCE?

Golubac is 129 km distant from Belgrade.
The tourist complex of Golubac Fortress is 4 km away from the town of Golubac.

Air SERBIA - how to get there HOW TO GET THERE?

It can be reached by car, motorcycle, or bus (the bus station is in the town of Golubac).
The tourist complex includes a parking area, providing parking spaces for the disabled.


A magnificent 14th century military fortification. Nine massive towers, built on a steep slope overlooking the beautiful Danube. A place reminiscent of past ages.
Learn more about the history of the fortress, its masters, the most important events and battles marking its past but also hear about the new phase in its history, begun by its recent reconstruction.
Information about the fortress is provided by trained guides at the Palace at: , and is available in Serbian, English and, on weekends, in Romanian.
Duration: 20 minutes

In the course of its long history, the fortress changed hands between Hungarian, Serbian, and Ottoman conquerors. During the rule of the Serbian medieval state, under Despot Stefan Lazarević, the Golubac Fortress experienced extensive changes. The story of Despot Lazarević and the fortress is told by guides in summer months, every Saturday at 2 pm, in tower 5.
Duration: 30 minutes

Air SERBIA - what to see WHAT TO SEE?

Tales of knights

Lean about the knights who fought for the fortress and their lives and acts of chivalry in a special presentation given by our guides.
These interesting tales of knights are told in the summer months, on Sundays at 2 pm, in tower 5.
Duration: 30 minutes

Children’s program

The Princess’ Corner is a program for the youngest visitors, who can hear incredible stories about a captive princess! The most beautiful legends of the fortress are retold for an audience of little princesses and knights but are just as interesting for adults!

To see Golubac Fortress from the Danube, we suggest taking a boat tour