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Air Serbia - Fruška gora

Air SERBIA - distance DISTANCE?

Distance from Belgrade 70km

Go back in time, gaze at the stars? Sound easy and maybe it’s really not that complicated?

The ecology camp in Vrdnik, on the Fruška Gora mountain, offers eco-friendly accommodation in tents! Tents are only 20 cm above ground, positioned on a wooden platform. The only furnishings these eco-friendly facilities offer are a mattress and bed linen, nothing more! If you want to be one with nature, this park is the ideal place for you. The camp runs on solar energy and uses composting toilets that turn human waste into compost-like material. During your stay in the camp, you will find barbecuing sites at your disposal, walking paths all around you, and outdoor cinema projections in the evenings, with the screen hanging from tree branches. And lazy bags strategically positioned to ensure visitors’ full comfort. (@kampus.fruskagora)