Traveling with pets in the passenger cabin

When traveling with your pet you can keep it with you during the flight. Your dog or cat will be right there, next to your feet under the seat, comfortably protected in the container you have brought with you.

The number of pets traveling on our flights is limited and transport of pets is therefore subject to prior Air Serbia approval and the approval of other airlines (besides Air Serbia) indicated on your ticket (if any).

We will need advance notice at the time of booking about the type of pet you will be traveling with, the combined weight of pet and container, and the dimensions of the pet container. You will be required to have a confirmed seat reservation.

Please arrive at the passenger check-in desk at least two hours before the flight to allow for formalities.

Rules for traveling with your pet

We will accept your pet on our flights if it is a dog or a cat

Your pet is not dangerous, aggressive or has an offensive odor

You are in possession of an entry permit and other documents required by the country of entry and documents required by the countries of departure, entry, or transit

The pet is accompanied by valid health and rabies certificates required at transit, transfer, destination, and journey interruption points

Maximum two animals, belonging to the same litter, may be placed in the same container

Rules for pet containers


The weight of pet + container may not exceed 8 kg. One container is allowed per guest.

The container must have a ventilation net

The container must be adequately secured against opening and fully protected and secured against leakage and littering

All parts of the pet must be entirely sheltered by the container throughout the trip. Your pet must have sufficient comfort in the container and be able to stand up, lie down, and turn around in the container

The pet container is subject to Air Serbia inspection and approval prior to check-in. It will be placed under the seat in front of you during the flight and its dimensions may not exceed 40 cm (length) x 30 cm (width) x 24 cm (height)

Special charges for transport of pets

Pet transport charges are collected before boarding. Charges apply per each flight and separately for departure and return trips. If your trip involves several stops, separate charges will apply for each flight.

When two animals from the same litter are placed in a single container, the charge for their carriage shall be as for one pet.

Your journey For flights operated only by Air Serbia
Between Serbia and Montenegro / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Macedonia / Croatia / Slovenia 25 EUR
Within Europe with the exception of the above countries 45 EUR
Between Europe and the Middle East / Africa 65 EUR
Between Europe / Middle East and USA 85 EUR

If your journey involves combined transport on Air Serbia flights and the flights of one or more other airlines or if you are traveling on a code share Air Serbia flight operated by another airline, the pet transport rules of such other airline may apply.
Partner airlines and their conditions of carriage →

The governments of some countries impose strict rules and limitations on import/export or transit of animals traveling in the passenger cabin. The transport of pets in the passenger cabin is permitted on all Air Serbia flights except those listed below:

to/from Great Britain,
to/from the United Arab Emirates,
to/from all states imposing strict rules and limitations.

Transport of pets in baggage hold

The transport of pets in the aircraft baggage hold is not permitted on Air Serbia flights.


Air Serbia will not be responsible for denied entry or transit to animals to/through any country that are not accompanied by the above required documents and health certificates. You are fully responsible for injury, illness, or death of your pet, unless due to negligence or error on the part of Air Serbia.

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