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The National Museum of Serbia

The National Museum of Serbia is Serbia's umbrella cultural institution and curator of the rich heritage of Serbia, the central Balkans and Europe.

Contacts for information and reservations

Trg Republike 1a, 11000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 60 807 5066

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Today, the building on Trg Republike is not only at the centre of Belgrade, but also at the centre of the historical and artistic life of the whole of Serbia. For 178 years, the National Museum has been here as the guardian of the historical, cultural and artistic heritage of Serbia. Together with its affiliated institutions, the National Museum forms an inseparable, representative whole and the institution with the longest museum practice in Serbia.

On its 5,000m² exhibition area, a permanent exhibition has been established, one that tells in a representative way about the treasures entrusted to the museum for safekeeping.

Today, the collections of the National Museum number hundreds of thousands of items collected over this institution's lifetime: starting from archaeological objects discovered in the Balkans, through the rich medieval heritage, all the way to paintings by local and European painters. The museum collections bear witness not only to a rich history and artistic activity in this region, but also to a multiculturalism, flexibility and openness thanks to which every cultural asset can be presented in all its grandeur to anybody interested.

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